[►] The gas work began that will settle a social debt with Añelo


Audio Rolando Figueroa – governor


Audio Fernando Banderet – mayor of Añelo

The governor pointed out that thanks to public-private investments, the gas supply capacity in the capital of Vaca Muerta will be multiplied.

Governor Rolando Figueroa toured this Monday the beginning of the gas work on the Añelo plateau that will allow more than 400 residents to be connected to the natural gas network and rescued the work of YPF, which promised to supply the town with a greater quantity of gas molecules. gas, going from 50 to 400.

The governor explained that it means “multiplying the gas supply capacity by eight.”

This work, which is carried out by Hidrocarburos del Neuquén SA (Hidenesa), the Neuquén state company, will allow residents to stop heating themselves with wood. It is part of the investments that seek to improve the provision of basic services and that have the support of the public and private sectors.

“We laid the foundations so that we can, once and for all, continue to nourish more residents of Añelo. In the next 60 days, almost 435 will be the new beneficiaries of being able to have natural gas in Añelo, the power plant of the world,” she reinforced.

The governor reiterated that in Neuquén “the main axis must be the citizen” and highlighted the importance of teamwork and coordination “to provide solutions to our people.”

He reiterated the defense of neuquinidad and completed: “Companies, as long as they are efficient, whether public, whether private, politics focusing on where resources have to go, not having unnecessary expenses, I think it is the direction we should take.”

The authorities also participated in the inauguration of the fifth stage of the sewer work, which had the contribution of the companies PECOM and TSB. Subsequently, the delegation toured a stretch of asphalt on 24th Street, which was executed with the Confluencia company. During the tour, Figueroa highlighted the contribution of Pan American Energy to the completion of the works.

Health works

During the day, Figueroa inaugurated the new kinesiology building of the “Artemio Rubén Bautista” Hospital and the Pragma Medical Clinic, which will allow for prioritizing health services in Añelo.

“We are convinced that health must grow both publicly and privately, but the main beneficiary must be able to have access to health. For those who cannot have that private health, there must also be public health to be able to sustain it,” Figueroa remarked.

The governor highlighted the expectation “that it generates in the growth of Neuquén,” which has turned it into a national immigration phenomenon.

“We have to grow in a federal way, always taking into account the cries that exist from within, like that cry that Güemes had in Salta, and that today allows us to shout for freedom,” he reflected, in clear allusion to the national holiday. .

For his part, the Minister of Health, Martín Regueiro, pointed out that “it is always a pride to be able to inaugurate and increase the provision of benefits in the province” and remarked that “when one thinks about rehabilitation, one thinks about kinesiology, one thinks about alternatives that allow “People don’t have to go to Neuquén.”

The mayor acknowledged that “there was a debt with the health community for Añelo. This is the bond and commitment that companies and operators have to have with a community that contributes a lot towards companies, towards the development and growth that also comes with the return in infrastructure for an entire community.”

New public building

The new building for the Kinesiology service belongs to Sanitary Zone V. The work was financed by Pluspetrol and has an area of ​​close to 148 square meters. The Province made an investment of more than 10,500.00 pesos in equipment and furniture.

Previously, the Rehabilitation and Kinesiology Service had been operating for approximately three years in a trailer equipped and donated by the same company, with the intention of having a kinesiology center. The projection for this year is to start housing modules with Pluspetrol.

The Chief of Staff ministers, Juan Luis Ousset, also participated in the activities; of Infrastructure, Rubén Etcheverry; of Economy, Production and Industry, Guillermo Koenig and the delegate of the Vaca Muerta Region, Milton Morales, along with other provincial and municipal officials.

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