Jeshua Urizar shows pride in his father: “My father has been the number one coach”

Jeshua Urizar shows pride in his father: “My father has been the number one coach”
Jeshua Urizar shows pride in his father: “My father has been the number one coach”

On Father’s Day, ESPN shares details of the gesture that Jeshua Urízar had with his father after having played the Clausura 2024 final with Deportivo Mixco

GUATEMALA — At 19 years old, Jeshua Urízar did not want to let the effort and sacrifices he and his father have made go unnoticed Marlon Urizar in his football career. That is why after the series played with Deportivo Mixco against Municipal in the 2024 Clausura Tournament, he proudly presented the shirt and medal from his first National League final to his father.

An image that went viral on social networks and on this Father’s Day, ESPN Digital share the story, where Jeshua Urizar He shows pride and appreciates each of his father’s teachings at his young age.

He is my example and I have always wanted to be like him. His advice has helped me to improve myself and pushes me to win more things than him. Everything I do is representing him and what I did with my dad, he is a little bit of everything he has given me. I had already planned to give him the medal. On the field I gave everything I could do, I wanted to give him the first place prize, unfortunately it was not possible and now that is my main motivation”said Jeshua Urizar.

Deportivo Mixco played its first National League final against Municipal in the recently completed Clausura 2024 Tournament. Jeshua Urizar played both games and experienced the emotions to the fullest. After collecting his runner-up medal, he decided to have the gesture with his father when he returned home.

“It caught me by surprise. A man does not express much affection. That night, Jeshua pulled me to a side where the family wouldn’t notice and told me that he loved me very much, he gave me the medal and gave me the Mixco shirt. I felt like the proudest dad in the world for that gesture and I told him that this is the beginning of a great career ahead of him. It was a very intimate moment between him and me, it came from his heart and it surprised me.. Every child wants to give that joy to a father, it is a very great joy for me and it is a gesture that I will be eternally grateful for,” shared Don Marlon Urizar, Jeshua’s father.

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The relationship between father and son has been fundamental for the football development of Jeshua, who was a U-20 World Cup player with Guatemala during the 2023 World Cup in Argentina, was an undisputed starter with Deportivo Mixco in the 2024 Clausura Tournament and has already received his first call-up. to the Guatemalan National Team.

“I want to do the things he achieved and in a good way surpass him. I have had several coaches in my career, but he has been number one. He has taught me everything to play on the field and he represents a lot to me. I feel proud of him, to follow in his footsteps and he is a very big thing for me. My dad is everything to me and he knows it”Jeshua added.

Don Marlon was also a soccer player, so they both share the same passion. He even accompanies his son to training at the Santo Domingo de Guzmán Stadium and tries not to miss the home games to observe and analyze his son’s movements.

“Seeing my son in a final is the result of a process of perseverance and discipline. As a father you always have to be supportive so that he (Jeshua) does not give up when the calls do not arrive or he does not play. As a dad, you must always support him and give him the pat of confidence to continue in the race. At his young age he is focused on what he wants and I congratulate him. We have achieved the achievements together, we go hand in hand and humility on the field leads one to success,” said Don Marlon.

Jeshua recognizes that he inherited a love for soccer since he saw the press clippings where his father appeared and since then it became his inspiration. “My dad inherited my love for football. I remember when he was little when my mother showed me an album with memories of my father with clippings from the press. I remember a paragraph where it said that my dad had been one of the best players on the Guatemala U-20 team against Costa Rica and that is what he wanted to achieve, play with passion on the field. I wanted to follow in his footsteps and give everything for the camisole.”

Finally, Jeshua Urizar shares an emotional message to his dad for Father’s Day. “Thank you for all the love, sacrifice and teachings. I thank you for all this time we have spent together, I hope we continue to experience beautiful and incredible things. I thank him for being an exemplary dad and I love him very much.”.

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