Marina Calabro and Rolando Barbano, behind the public snub, a bittersweet reconciliation

Marina Calabro and Rolando Barbano, behind the public snub, a bittersweet reconciliation
Marina Calabro and Rolando Barbano, behind the public snub, a bittersweet reconciliation


During the presentation of the Martín Fierro Radio Awards 2022 and 2023 that América broadcast last night, Marina Calabro won the statuette for best entertainment columnist and dedicated it to Rolando Barbano, his partner Wool without filter (Mitre), also nominated. “I want to share it and dedicate it to my love. Yes, to you Rolando. To you,” he said. And his eyes shone. She seemed in love with her and her colleagues, attentive to the situation, applauded with emotion. A few minutes later it was Barbano’s turn, who won the award for best police columnist. Everyone expected him to also dedicate a few words to the journalist as a loving and because the couple had just reconciled just a few days ago. However, he did not mention her. It was an uncomfortable moment that did not go unnoticed by those present, who booed the journalist’s attitude. And the viewers who commented on it on social networks did not like him either. They made the snub go viral.

Those who know Barbano say that he didn’t like Calabró’s dedication at all because his son Rocco had accompanied him to the ceremony and he didn’t want the boy to pass by. an awkward moment. On the other hand, the couple had just reconciled and he did not want to make it public. At least for the moment.

consulted by THE NATION, Calabro assured: “I said what came to mind.” And he preferred not to say anything else so as not to make this anecdote bigger, which was bad for everyone, of course. Barbano, on the other hand, did not want to talk about the subject.

Calabró and Barbano met while working in Wool without filter, the Miter radio program hosted by Jorge Lanata and in which she is a columnist for Espectáculos and he is a columnist for Policiales. The good vibes between them existed from the first day and over time her colleagues began to notice knowing looks and nervous giggles.

They started dating in October 2023, but whitewashed their relationship a few months later. Mirtha Legrand herself asked Barbano if the rumors were true. “Is it true that you are dating Marina Calabro?” La Chiqui wanted to know. And he, trying to keep a low profile, responded: “Who could. The reality is that I don’t talk about my private life. I have been separated for a short time and I have two children, one 11 years old, Rocco, and Nina, 5. I haven’t had anything to tell them, so imagine much less on television.”

Some time later, Calabró said that they had their first kiss on October 29, 2023 and that the relationship was going so well that they had even decided to get a tattoo together, as a commitment. “We still haven’t found the right design. We wanted to get tattooed on October 29, the day of our first kiss. We tried Roman numerals, but it didn’t convince us because if you put the year in it, it’s too long. “You have to carry an explanatory brochure!” she said, laughing in the eltrece cycle. Not very correct. And he added that they decided she would be a symbolic figure, but they never found her. The tattoo, then, was left for another time.

Everyone believed that the love story was going from strength to strength, especially since they were already talking about sharing a tattoo. That is why the news of the separation surprised many. They were together for six months until last April. It was said that he had reconciled with his ex-wife and mother of his children, Micaela Mendelevich, but it was only a rumor. Consulted at that time by a chronicler of THE M (America), Barbano said: “I have been separated for a year. Micaela is the mother of my children and she will always be. Let’s not bring her into this because she has nothing to do with it. Neither her, nor my children. I don’t feel like talking about it. It is a sad moment for me and for Marina, too.”

Meanwhile, Calabró – who had also separated last year from the commercial director of Grupo América, Martín Albrecht, with whom she had been for ten years – was happy and excited to have once again bet on love, although as the weeks went by the romance seemed to disappear. “I’m too crybaby and I don’t want to cry. I hope we can talk to Rolando, nothing would make me happier,” she also said in THE M. Until then it was known and publicly, or at least until last night, Calabró and Barbano were separated.

However, yesterday at the ceremony it was evident that they reconciled. And as LA NACIÓN learned, this second round occurred a few weeks ago, although they had decided not to whitewash it… Or at least that is what he believed, it seems.

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