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06/17/2024 1:19 p.m. Updated on 06/17/2024 1:21 p.m.

While Boca continues to move strongly in the market of passes, Thiago Almada He revealed that he is in permanent contact with Riquelme. The world champion, who is preparing to be number 10 in the National Team at the Olympic Games, has several possibilities to leave the team. Atlanta United. Bombonera destination?

“Yes, good, I always talk to Román, he asks me how I am, how my family is, We have a nice relationship, just yesterday we also talked a little,” explained the 22-year-old star in dialogue with TyC Sports.

Thiago Almada –

Thiago Almada said that he has been talking to Riquelme

Asked if there had already been a specific offer from Boca, Almada responded: “There is nothing formal yet or you have not spoken with my representative, but we are always in conversation.” And he added: “It was a nice conversation, so nothing. But hey, I’m fine here too. The club treated me very well since I arrived. And nothing, we will see what happens now in these months.”

And although he clarified that his dream is to play in one of the major leagues in Europe, he left the door open to an offer from Argentina. “Obviously it depends on many things, on the club, I will see if there is something formal. There I will make a decision with my family”, he clarified. If you are tempted to return to the country? “Boca, River, they are the greatest in Argentine football. They can handle any player.”

Thiago Almada prepares for the Games (@thiago_almada23).

Thiago himself recalled a while ago that he was close to signing at Boca. “I trained at River, at Argentinos Juniors and in the end I stayed in Vélez. I went to sign for Boca, Ramón Maddoni had taken me but I had a breath in my heart and I couldn’t sign. By the fate of life, I stayed in Vélez and was able to debut there. Then it disappeared, it was a normal puff.”

Riquelme expressed on more than one occasion his weakness for the star who emerged from Vélez. “I like I like. That’s a very good one. Is very good. I talk to him quite often. I talk a lot. It comes sometimes. He has his family who is from Vélez, but also when they want to come see our club, his family comes to watch a game. He sends me to his family. I love him too much”.

Boca, close to announcing its second reinforcement

The furor generated among Boca fans by the return of Gary Medel is still in the air. The Chilean signed a contract for 18 months and He became the first reinforcement of a transfer market that started with everything for Xeneize. And apparently, he seems to continue that way… After the Pitbull presentation, The Football Council would already have the second addition: Tomás Belmonte.

The 26-year-old midfielder who plays in Mexico is the priority of Juan roman riquelme after Medel’s arrival. In fact, Boca has already made firm progress with the former Lanús player, with formal contacts with Toluca, the club that owns his pass. He already has the player’s OK. And now he is in negotiations with the Mexicans, who have some leaders in Buenos Aires.

The two economic options that are handled are: acquire 70% of the player based on $5,500,000 or go for 50% of his chip, based on a floor of $3,500,000. From there, the Council must resolve. There is optimism because it is the priority at this moment after closing the Medel thing.

Belmonte is coming off a good season in Toluca: he played 31 games and scored three goals. It is Riquelme’s wish.

And not only that, but Boca Predio also warns that even This weekend the club could announce the hiring of Belmontewho comes from playing 31 games and scoring three goals (two assists) in Mexico.


It is not new that Riquelme is looking for Toto again. Yes, it is new that he does it in this transfer market, but it is not the first time. The brand midfielder has seduced the president of Boca since its appearance in Lanús in 2017. He had already gone looking for him, although when it could be, destiny put Mexico in front of Belmonte’s path, who left for that country in the middle of last year.

Without a doubt, its arrival would be another very good news for Diego Martinez, which not only needs players, but above all needs midfielders. And Belmonte applies in that request: He is a midfielder with more defensive characteristics, which does not mean that he does not step into the area. He does it, and reaches the goal. Even in his stage In Granate he scored 16 goals (in 172 games)most of them being headed heads despite the fact that he is not a player who stands out for his height.

Thomas Belmonte –

Belmonte opened the account for Lanús

Lanus –

Belmonte’s header to tie the game

However, In what position do you see him in Boca? The first thing that stands out is his versatility to move in the midfield, but for now Belmonte would have all the numbers bought to play as an 8, as a right midfielder. Possibly one of the positions that had the most candidates (like the left wing until the arrival of Kevin Zenon), although the starter for Martínez now there is Pol Fernandez (with ups and downs), it is still not known what his future will be (he has a contract until December, but would he have asked the Council to leave now?

What if there is an announcement from Belmonte this weekend after the game with Vélez?

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