two cars collided and “there are many injured,” said a witness

two cars collided and “there are many injured,” said a witness
two cars collided and “there are many injured,” said a witness

A serious car accident occurred after 4:30 p.m. national route No. 34 at the height of Coronel Cornejo when a utility vehicle collided practically head-on with another vehicle traveling in the opposite direction.

The motorists who were passing by the place came down to attend to the injured and wounded but so far more details are unknown. The person who was traveling a short distance from where the collision occurred was the deputy for the San Martín department, Edgar Dominguez, who was driving his vehicle in a north-south direction, as was the utility vehicle that collided with the other vehicle. “There are many injured, we are helping the hurt people“Only expressed the legislator from San Martín, visibly nervous about the panorama he saw after the violent collision.

The only detail that emerged is that The utility vehicle belongs to a lights, sounds and event animation company domiciled in Tartagal. The condition of the vehicle that was traveling from Tartagal towards the south suggests that the occupants suffered serious injuries.

The accident occurred in an area far from Tartagal and Mosconi. According to reports, the collision occurred with a truck that was traveling towards the town of Salvador Mazza. Despite the violence of the crash, there were no fatalities, only 4 injured, two of them seriously.

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