Bella Ramsey’s change from Game of Thrones to The Last of Us

The Game of Thrones series, based on the books by George RR Martin, became one of the most viewed and most popular among the public throughout its eight seasons.

Throughout the eight seasons, there were hundreds of characters who appeared on Game of Thrones. Some monopolized the main plots, while others appeared only as secondary characters. However, there were some figures who managed to gain prominence and popularity in the series as the episodes passed. This was the case, for example, of Lyanna Mormont, played by Bella Ramsey.

Lyanna’s character became one of the most beloved among fans of the series. Her character, bravery and leadership capacity led her to become one of the great favorites of the series. The young woman was the daughter of Lady Maege Mormont, who died years before she was born. Lyanna was leader of House Mormont and Lady of Bear Island.

Actress Bella Ramsey was responsible for bringing the role of Lyanna to life. In the series, the little Mormont girl was only 10 years old, although the actress was older. Currently, Bella Ramsey has already turned 20 years old and has managed to continue strengthening her career in front of the cameras. In fact, one of her last big projects has been The Last of Us.

Through her social networks, the young actress shares with her followers what her daily life is like. Her life has changed a lot since her appearance in Game of Thrones. And not only has she changed her daily life, but also her physical appearance, very different from what the followers of the series were able to see during the broadcasts of the episodes.

From 2016 to 2019, Bella Ramsey played Lyanna Mormont on Game of Thrones. However, the truth is that to see her in the series we had to wait several seasons, since the first episode in which her character is introduced is in the sixth season.

The quality of her work subsequently led other major productions to bet on her to join the cast of series such as, for example, The Worst Witch, based on the novel by Jill Murphy. In this case, the young woman played the role of the protagonist Mildred Hubble, for which she won the children’s BAFTA for ‘Best Performer’.

During the following years, the young woman participated in other series such as Hilda or films such as Amazon Prime’s Catherine Called Birdy. But without a doubt, one of her greatest milestones in recent times has been her participation in the successful series Last of Us, in which Bella Ramsey plays Ellie.


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