the Kirchnerist obsession against an Argentine who only ignores them

the Kirchnerist obsession against an Argentine who only ignores them
the Kirchnerist obsession against an Argentine who only ignores them

Because they couldn’t stand the fact that the best footballer in history dodged Minister Wado de Pedro and reject the balcony of the Casa Rosada administered by Kirchnerism to give the political tone that they so desired to the tremendous celebration of the world championship.

In their historical and proverbial blindness, the Kirchnerists, like those in those painful tweets, They condemn Messi for not paying homage to the lying story. For not accepting the offering of political shelter and surrender to the neutrality of the town festival.

The one that does not have ideological masters and only obeys the independence of feeling. Football is perhaps the only religion in which its parishioners embrace whoever is at their side without stopping to check the color, race or political dogmas they carry in their hearts.

¿Why then the resentment of Kirchnerism, and that of its pseudopods on the Argentine left?against the player who is going to start another football crusade with the Copa América to perhaps add one more joy to the fragile citizens who inhabit Argentina?

Simply, because the Frenchman Mbappe made some statements calling to vote against the right in his country.

Just for that reason, it cannot surprise anyone. Because Mbappe is part of the children of the African immigrants who populated France since 1960 and who constitute an increasingly intense and determining minority in the life of the most invaded country in Europe. The country that was subjected to the Romans of Julius Caesar, the Germans of Bismarck and the Nazis of Adolf Hitler.

The most extreme right, the extreme right as the Spaniard Pedro Sánchez likes to simplify, blames African immigration, and especially the most fundamentalist and radical, for being responsible for the great evils of Europe. And regardless of the reasons that this reasoning has or not, Mbappe defends himself by calling not to vote for that sector that just achieved an impressive victory a week ago in the elections for the European Union.

Therefore, it is logical that Mbappe and other players of the French National Team, also children of immigrants, call to vote for political options different from the one embodied by Marine Le Pen and the young Jordan Bardella, the revelation of the extreme right in the elections. on Sunday, June 9.

Defeated and humiliated, Emmanuel Macron has called for other elections before the end of the month and is trying to recruit as many soldiers as possible in the war against his enemies. In the midst of the sporting furor of the European Cup, Mbappe has just joined that army.

So The Argentine Kirchnerists, in the ideological confusion in which they have lived until falling into the current decadence, confuse Mbappe and Messi within that imaginary battle that they believe they are attacking the powerful of the world.

They raise the star of the French, whose salary (the highest among footballers on the entire planet) has been paid by the absolute monarchy that has governed Qatar for more than half a century, against the Argentine boy born in Rosario whose greatest sin seems to have been not defining himself by any political flag.

Forgive them Messi. They do not know what they do and they maintain their confusion about the threads of the cult of intolerance.

During the Sunday after the statements of the skillful Mbappe, The Kirchnerists clogged social networks and traditional media attacking Messi, the footballer who overcame the incomprehension of Argentines to win the hearts of the majority, even with that of many Kirchnerists defeated by the popular vaccine that football represents.

– They said that Messi is a millionaire and does not understand the feeling of the poor (as if Mbappe were still a helpless young man among the immigrants from Africa).

– They said that Messi was a supporter of Mauricio Macri and now he is a supporter of Javier Milei (Messi shared a photo with the former president, like the thousands of images he shared with so many people around the world, and he still has no known personal or photographic relationship with President Milei).

– They said that Messi does not have the popular sensitivity that his predecessor Diego Maradona had (who was a great soccer player, also a world champion and idolized by the Argentine National Team but who lost part of his social charm when it was discovered that he had sexual relations with minors protected by Fidel Castro’s dictatorship).

That of praising Mbappe to degrade Lionel Messi is hardly another chapter of the obsession that Kirchnerism has with a being that only ignores them. That he has given an entire society impoverished by those who crucify him the sublime moment of happiness that exploded with winning the 2022 World Cup.

Messi has exercised his philanthropy in the greatest of silence. Sending a dozen respirators to his native Santa Fe at the worst moment of the pandemic, a generosity that Kirchnerism rejected, blinded by the malpractice of his government, his business dealings with antidemocratic leaders like Vladimir Putin, and his VIP vaccinations.

As well as Messi is almost everything that is right in a beaten country like Argentina, Kirchnerism is almost everything that is wrong.

The accusation against the Argentine star is one more kilometer in the gap that separates them from the majority of society Argentina.

Something is very clear. The punishment deserved for Kirchnerism is that Messi doesn’t care. And what’s worse. It is likely that, being so pathetic, the matter does not matter to Mbappe himself either.

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