he ignored the severe headaches he suffered

he ignored the severe headaches he suffered
he ignored the severe headaches he suffered

The Romanian influencer Anca Molnarwhich had a makeup account Followed by thousands of followers, she died from a brain tumor she suffered from. She suffered very intense headaches, but she ignored them. The headaches did not stop and went to the doctor. There they gave him the diagnosis: brain tumor.

The doctors told him that he had a brain tumor and that, because he had let the symptoms pass for so long, it was in an advanced stage. They didn’t know if a treatment would work.

The 35-year-old girl tried to overcome the disease and traveled to Türkiye to undergo a intense chemotherapy. Weeks after the first operation, he had to undergo the second surgery because the tumor reappeared:

“Anca Molnar is facing another round of the disease. He is in Turkey, where tomorrow he will undergo a second brain operation to remove a new tumor,” reports an Instagram post. Finally, he died last Tuesday, June 11 in Timisoara, according to ‘TN’.

“Less than a year ago, Molnar Anca Anca suddenly found himself with a cruel illness, a diagnosis that in Romania no longer offered him any chance… He went to Turkey, had surgery and began his fight against the disease full of hope And Anca fought well. His tumor went into remission… But the disease was also fought with a deficient immune system and today Anca Molnar faces another round of the disease. He is in Turkey, where tomorrow he will undergo a second one. brain operation to remove a new tumor. After that, there will be a long recovery period. However, all this comes at a price and, unfortunately, it is not metaphorical. But I believe that for a community of people, the amount would not be insurmountable. For those who can, because I suppose the desire already exists, Anca can be helped in the following ways,” reads an Instagram post published 11 weeks ago along with an account number where the deposit can be made.

Alina Radi, the best friend of the deceased Instagramer, told the media what Anca Molnar’s process was like and warned not to ignore any symptoms and go to the doctor: “She had a lot of headaches and they were unbearable. At first, she didn’t think much about it, because that’s how we are,” she said.

Shortly before his death, Anca shared a farewell to his followers through his social networks. “I fought as best I could with all my might,” she wrote.

“We say goodbye to you, our love! You gave us the best years of our lives. You made us strong men who will never forget you. We pray that you proudly take care of us from heaven! Me and the fruit of our love, Patrick, We say goodbye to you today! Thank you for fighting so hard for us. You are leaving only among people but not from our hearts! Smooth flight, my love! “, says the following post on the social network.

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