Nancy Mackenzie, the Latin voice of Marge Simpson, dies | The Simpsons | SKIP-ENTER

Nancy Mackenzie, the Latin voice of Marge Simpson, dies | The Simpsons | SKIP-ENTER
Nancy Mackenzie, the Latin voice of Marge Simpson, dies | The Simpsons | SKIP-ENTER

The fans of “The Simpsons” and the world of television are mourning the sensitive death of Nancy Mackenzie, the Mexican voice actress who provided the voice of Marge Simpson in Latin America. The artist died at the age of 81 and left an indelible legacy in the entertainment industry.

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Claudia Motta, the voice actress and voice of Bart Simpson, broke the news through her social networks. “It is with deep sorrow that we, the Simpson daughters (Lisa and Bart), announce the passing of our beloved mother Marge Simpson (Nancy Mckenzie). Rest in peace, we will never forget you,” Motta wrote.

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Nancy Mackenzie became a hallmark of the 1989 series, “The Simpsons,” which continues today with season 35. She was loved by millions of fans in the Spanish-speaking world. In addition to her role in “The Simpsons,” Mackenzie provided her voice to numerous characters in other productions, such as “Futurama,” where she played Leela.

The voice actress performed other voices in Spanish in film and television productions. These are some of her works, but her entirety spans over 800 voice-over performances.

  • Marge Simpson in “The Simpsons”
  • Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) in “The Matrix” and “The Matrix Reloaded”
  • Diane Keaton in “Rich, Married and Unfaithful” and other films with the American actress
  • Cruella de Vil in “The Villain Club with Mickey and Friends”
  • Kathy Morningside (Candice Bergen) in “Miss Congeniality”

Nancy Mackenzie leaves deep pain within her family. In addition to her, her colleagues and friends, such as the Mexican actor Humberto Vélez (voice of Homer Simpson), describe her as a person passionate about her work, with an unmatched sense of humor and a generous heart.

“Many hours together, working, traveling. A lifetime. Your departure hurts me a lot, but I celebrate your way of enjoying, of being free, of living life to the fullest. Thank you for always listening to me, for your unconditional support in the union problem that we are going through together,” Vélez wrote in a statement.

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