Añelo: more than 400 neighbors will change firewood for gas

The governor highlighted public-private investments that allow reversing the works deficit. With low temperatures, connection to the network will allow savings and an improvement in the quality of life of the neighbors. by Anelo.

NEUQUÉN (ED) — Gas work began this Monday on the Añelo plateau that will allow more than 400 residents to be connected to the natural network. In the next 60 days, they will no longer be required to heat themselves with wood. It arises from a public-private investment and a commitment made by Governor Rolando Figueroa, which will mean for the neighbors, in addition to savings, an improvement in the quality of life.

The governor celebrated the work that will begin to pay off a social infrastructure debt in the capital of Vaca Muerta and rescued the work of YPF, which promised to “multiply the gas supply capacity by eight.”

“We laid the foundations so that we can, once and for all, continue to nourish more residents of Añelo. In the next 60 days, almost 435 will be the new beneficiaries of being able to have natural gas in Añelo, the power plant of the world,” she reinforced. The governor reiterated that in Neuquén “the main axis must be the citizen” and highlighted the importance of teamwork and coordination “to provide solutions to our people.”

“As long as companies are efficient, whether public or private, politics focusing on where resources have to go, not having unnecessary expenses, I think that is the direction we should take,” he said.

During the day, Figueroa also inaugurated the new kinesiology building of the “Artemio Rubén Bautista” Hospital and the Pragma Medical Clinic, which will allow for prioritizing health services in Añelo.

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