What to expect from the Nintendo Direct on June 18: the next games for Nintendo Switch

What to expect from the Nintendo Direct on June 18: the next games for Nintendo Switch
What to expect from the Nintendo Direct on June 18: the next games for Nintendo Switch

This June 18, the big question for Nintendo Switch fans is cleared up: what does the company have in store for the remainder of 2024? In recent months, the latest cartridges announced in materia first have been published, but we don’t know anything about what is to come for the Christmas campaign. We take with facts and some imagination what we can expect from the new edition of Nintendo Direct.

A great first party game for fall, is it time for Donkey Kong?

We must go back a decade to see the last unpublished installment of Donkey Kong. Tropical Freeze added to the Wii U catalog, and after the launch of Nintendo Switch it was remastered in the form of a remastering to have a new youth. His presence in the Super Mario movie and protagonist in the next Super Nintendo World in Orlando make us see that his new installment is closer than ever. Will it be from Retro Studios? We know that Vicarious Visions worked on a 3D Donkey Kong under the codename ‘Freedom’, although it was canceled in 2016.

Grid of independent games with Darkest Dungeon 2 at the head

Nintendo Directs always boost the independent scene within the console. In the last few hours Darkest Dungeon 2 has appeared registered with the Brazilian age rating agency. After its arrival exclusively on PC, now Nintendo Switch and the rest of the consoles will have the port of one of the most influential sagas in the genre in recent years.

Ace Attorney will make an appearance

Pyoro_X, one of the most reputable Nintendo leakers of the moment, has influenced the presence of the Ace Attorney franchise in the presentation. “I will Investigate It,” he says in his X profile. With those words, many point out that it could be an update of the Ace Attorney Investigations sub-saga, which has two installments: Miles Edgeworth and Investigations 2. The sequel did not leave Japan. With the batch of remasters that the saga has received in recent years, Capcom’s move seems quite logical.

The long-awaited date of DecaPolice, the mystery of Level-5

DecaPolice has been hovering around the Nintendo Switch calendar for too long. It was announced during the Nintendo Direct in February 2023, when it was still aiming to launch last year. After moving to 2024, it looks like it will be Level-5’s big bet before placing the new Professor Layton installment in 2025. We are talking about a JRPG set in a world of action and suspense where we will have to reveal mysteries as a detective.

A round of remasters, GameCube or Zelda?

There has been talk for years that the remastering of Nintendo is in the drawer. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. Logic tells us that publishing it should be now, before the console’s successor lands with its own catalog. On the other hand, in recent Directs the presence of remasters of GameCube games has been a trend. Metroid Prime could take the step with the arrival of its sequel, Echoes, which would be very welcome given the journey the company is taking until the launch of Metroid Prime 4.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker


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