Juanma Castaño, on Unai Simón’s position of not getting ‘wet’ like Mbappé: “It’s just that we say later” – El Partidazo de COPE

Kylian Mbappé’s statements about his country’s politics during the preview of the match between Austria and France in the Euro Cup in Germany have not left anyone indifferent.

The impact has been such among the press that traveled to the Euro Cup that the journalists who cover the day-to-day life of the Spanish National Team decided not to miss the opportunity to ask goalkeeper Unai Simón about this matter.

Unai Simón, at a press conferenceEFE

Finally, we find two completely opposite attitudes: that of a footballer who asks to get involved in such a forceful way, in this case, against a political trend that is on the rise in France, and that of a footballer who is convinced that footballers would not have He has to give his opinion on some issues as far removed from football as politics itself.

All of this was also discussed in COPE’s El Partidazo this Monday, where Juanma Castaño also made her position clear, in a program that she describes as “plural“and that politicians as diverse as”Gabriel Rufián, Santiago Abascal, Mariano Rajoy or Pablo Iglesias“, as Manolo Lama recalled.

Mbappé’s opinion: “I am against the extremes”

Kylian Mbappé surprised in the preview of France’s debut in the Euro Cup in Germany in which he got ‘wet’ on a political issue that is very current in France: the rise of the far right with the victory of Marie Le Pen in the European Elections that led Macron to dissolve the chamber and call new elections for the Presidency.

We are at a crucial moment for our country. The Eurocup is important in our career, but we are citizens and we are not disconnected from what is happening in our own country. We are in an unprecedented situation and at an important moment. We are a generation that can make history. We know that the extremes are at the doors of our power. I call on everyone to vote, to become aware of the situation. We have the need to identify with our values ​​of respect. I hope we make the right decision“He asked, a Mbappé who asked to reconsider to avoid the next Le Pen government.

Unai Simón’s opinion: “We footballers don’t know if we should”

The goalkeeper of the Spanish National Team, Unai Simón, was also asked at a press conference about the attitude that Mbappé had the day before when it came to sending such a clear message from a political point of view.

Unai Simón was very clear when arguing that footballers, “The only thing they should talk about is sports topics.“.

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In the end Kylian is a player who has a lot of impact on the world and society. I think that the players have a lot of impact and it is a political issue“he said.

We often have the tendency to give too much opinion on certain topics when I don’t know if we should give an opinion or do those things because here I am a player, I dedicate myself to soccer and I am a ball professional. The only thing I should talk about right now is sports and political issues, leaving them to other people or entities.“he added.

Juanma Castaño’s sentence: “Different”

The director of COPE’s El Partidazo himself highlighted how different the positions of Mbappé and Unai Simón are. However, just because they are different does not mean that they are not respectable: “Unai Simón’s position is radically different“to that of the French striker.”I what I ask“, continued Castaño, “is that there is the freedom to be like Unai Simón or to be like Mbappé“.

Castaño highlighted that “When they don’t get involved in certain topics, it is said that it is a shame. What happens if a player doesn’t want to say it?“, he said to Luis García, whose position was more favorable to footballers giving their opinion on some relevant issues, “And Unai Simón has not been asked about the General Budgets for Education; They have asked him about the rise of the extreme right in Europe“.

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