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US natural gas prices exceeded $2.85/MMBtu in the futures market this Tuesday, breaking a four-day bearish streak.

The extreme heat wave that has spread across the country is the main cause of this increase.

The increase in demand for natural gas in the energy sector, which now represents more than 40% of base generation.

Likewise, the anticipated unprecedented heat wave in the Northeast suggests a possible peak in natural gas demand in the coming weeks.


Weather forecasts and their impact on prices

According to climate predictions, June 19 to July 2 will be a period of extreme heat. Additionally, due to tropical rains caused by a cyclone in northeastern Mexico, Texas is expected to cool slightly.

The unstable weather is creating a dynamic situation in the natural gas market, which could lead to demand spikes and price fluctuations.

Impact on energy costs

In sectors that rely heavily on natural gas for their operations, rising prices can increase costs for consumers and businesses.

Inflation and economic stimuli

The increase in the price of natural gas can cause a general increase in the prices of goods and services, which can generate inflationary pressures that have an impact on the economy as a whole.

energy sector

These increases will have a direct impact on the energy sector, which encompasses more than 40% of base generation and could require changes in energy production and generation strategies.

The competitiveness of American companies internationally, especially those that require large quantities of this resource for their production processes, could be affected by an increase in natural gas prices in the United States.

Invest and develop energy

Rising natural gas prices may have an impact on investment decisions in energy infrastructure and the development of alternative energy sources, which may have an effect on the future of the sector and the transition towards more sustainable forms of consume energy.

In summary, the increase in natural gas costs in the United States not only directly impacts energy costs, but also has implications for inflation, business competitiveness, investment decisions, and the development of the energy sector. which is an important factor in today’s economy.

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