Who is Princess Kalina of Bulgaria, the controversial aristocrat who surprised with her physical transformation

The princess Kalina from Bulgariadescendant of the last tsar Simeon IIhas attracted attention once again, this time for his surprising physical transformation.

At 52 years old, this aristocrat has challenged traditional stereotypes about royal appearance with a radical change that has captured the attention of media and followers alike.

A striking transformation

Recently, at the ceremony of transferring the tsar’s ashes Ferdinand I, Kalina He surprised with a suit that revealed remarkably muscular arms and broad shoulders, signs of his commitment to sports and physical health.

“I’m athletic,” the princess explained, explaining her athletic appearance as a result of her weight training. This change has earned him the nickname “the fit princess” between his followers and the press.

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A princess with a controversial image

Over the years, Kalina She has been known for her bold outfits and original makeup, elements that have marked her unique and often controversial style.

However, behind his transformation there are also stories of personal challenges, such as a nose operation necessary for a health problem caused by an infection after a failed dental procedure. This episode, revealed by her husband, Kitin Muñozhighlights the complexity of his life beyond the cameras.


The transformation of Princess Kalina of Bulgaria over the years


The transformation of Princess Kalina of Bulgaria over the years

A healthy lifestyle

Kalina is not only dedicated to sports, she also maintains a healthy lifestyle with her husband, both avoid alcohol and follow a vegetarian diet. Her favorite sport is skiing, which complements her physical training regimen and reinforces the image of her as a modern and active aristocrat.

H2 Personal life of Kalina from Bulgaria

Born in Madrid in 1972, Kalina She is the daughter of the Bulgarian Prime Minister Simeon of Saxe-Coburg and the Spanish aristocrat Margarita Gómez-Acebo.

Her marriage to the Spanish explorer Kitin Muñoz in Bulgaria and the birth of his son Simeon Hassan Muñozhave been notable events in his personal life, each reflecting his approach to maintaining a strong connection to his roots and traditions, while living unconventionally and authentically.

Princess Kalina of Bulgaria continues to fascinate and surprise the public with both her personality and her appearance. Through her transformation, she has shown that royalty can break molds and set new standards for what it means to be a member of the aristocracy in the modern world. Her story is a testament to individuality, resilience, and the power of authenticity in a world that often values ​​conformity.

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