Rumor that Donald Trump is launching his own cryptocurrency inspires countless scams

Rumor that Donald Trump is launching his own cryptocurrency inspires countless scams
Rumor that Donald Trump is launching his own cryptocurrency inspires countless scams

Donald Trump recently called himself the “crypto president,” doing a complete 180-degree turn from the days when he referred to cryptocurrencies as a scam. And it’s causing quite a bit of confusion in an already hectic presidential race in which the former president is neck and neck in polls with President Joe Biden.

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The Trump campaign now takes crypto donations, tweets about wanting Bitcoin to be “MADE IN THE USA!!!” and some very rich people In the crypto community they are organizing fundraising events. But all this hype has led to a very predictable result: scammers are doing their best to capitalize on Trump’s new love for fake digital money.

Some cryptocurrency observers are convinced that TrumpCoin, launched on the Solana blockchain under the symbol $DJT, is actually the work of Trump himself. A prominent crypto news account on X, Pirate Wires, even says that Trump’s son Barron is taking the lead on the project.

“According to conversations, Trump is launching an official token… $DJT in Solana. Barron headed,” Pirate Wires tweeted on Monday.

Mike Solana from Pirate Wires It later became clear that he did not speak to the Trump campaign directly about $DJT while warning whoever was behind the memecoin could “flip or spin. ”It is not entirely clear what “perconversations” means in this case. Conversations with who? Your pillow just before you fall asleep, sleep?

Others are even more skeptical of the idea that Trump is actually behind the new token. Far-right crypto influencer Ryan Selkis suggested to his followers that it could be some kind of psychological operation orchestrated by the federal government.

“I’m not 100% sure if Trump’s memecoin is real or an operation, but I’m 50-50,” Selkis wrote. on Monday. “I offered to help people who approached me with legal and business presentations, but I told them I wouldn’t accept anything in return. Because I have a feeling the guy who approached me is a fed. Stay safe!!!”

That is the fundamental problem with this type of anonymous cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are considered by their supporters as a radical new form of money to fight the system. But the same anonymity that allows anyone to start their own currency from home also requires that anyone purchasing the currency have an enormous amount of trust. Are you sure the latest coin isn’t a honey pot created by the feds?

And if anyone knew if the Trump coin was real, it would be Selkis. New York Times As reported on Monday, the influencer was dining at Mar-a-Lago last month, where he allegedly had a chat with the former president.

The Times report also highlights the huge amount of money donated by Ripple, Coinbase and Andreessen Horowitz to cryptocurrencies. PAC in their effort to fight what they see as anti-crypto House and Senate candidates. One of those PACs, Fairshake, has already filed. TV and YouTube ads against Democratic Congresswoman Katie Porter in the California Senate primary. Porter lost to more cryptocurrency-friendly candidates, although it is unclear how much Fairshake earns. 10 million dollars in attack ads really changed the outcome.

Trump’s promotion of cryptocurrencies has created a target-rich environment as people loyal to the former president seek to profit. have a new report Tuesday will be a post about different Trump-themed crypto scams that have gained popularity in recent weeks. And while it’s not surprising, given how common there are many scams on the Internet today, some of them are kind of funny. For example, one scam looks exactly like Trump’s real fundraiser. website but has the domain, misspelling the former president’s name as “Donalb.” Any crypto “donations” to that site actually go directly to the scammers, as you might guess.

There’s no real evidence that Trump is launching his own currency, but that doesn’t mean he won’t do it. Fox Business (who presumably have decent contacts at Trumpworld) recently reported that “sources in the industry say people affiliated with the former president have been planning to launch a digital currency for at least two months.” Obviously, “people affiliated with the former president” are a broad group of potential people, including a list of convicted criminals.

But you never know. After all, Truth Social was only launched when two of Trump’s former associates from The newbie He approached him with the idea. Interestingly, Trump is now suing those guys to try and recover the money they have earned on the project.

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to questions about any potential cryptocurrency on Tuesday. Gizmodo will update this post if we receive a response.

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