Alejandra Rubio announces her pregnancy with Carlo Costanzia

Alejandra Rubio announces her pregnancy with Carlo Costanzia
Alejandra Rubio announces her pregnancy with Carlo Costanzia

Alejandra Rubiodaughter of the popular presenter Terelu Campos, and Carlo Costanziason of the renowned model Sea Flowershave announced news that has surprised everyone: They are going to be parents! The young couple, who They began their relationship at the beginning of February, It didn’t take long to make it public, generating a great media stir. Now, they have shared in statements with the magazine HELLO! the exciting news that they are expecting their first baby.

At 24 years old, Alejandra and Carlo, 31, They are living a dream moment. Despite the short time they have been together, they are both full of enthusiasm and love for this new life project. According to the aforementioned magazine, Alejandra, who has followed in her mother’s footsteps in the world of entertainment, is radiant. Her face lights up every time she looks at Carlo, who is always attentive and affectionate towards her.

Alejandra Rubio before the press

In December I will be a mother. I’m three months and almost two weeks. We still don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl,” confessed Alejandra. The couple does not hide their excitement and, although they have different intuitions about the sex of the baby, they are both equally happy. “I prefer a girl,” Carlo comments, to which Alejandra responds: “Yes? I thought it could be a boy… They are intuitions.”

The beginning of pregnancy has not been easy for Alejandra, who has faced various discomforts typical of this stage. “Suddenly, the body started doing strange things… Tiredness, a lot of nausea… I’ve had everything. Let Carlo say!“Carlo, for his part, has been a great support for her, showing understanding and patience in the face of mood swings and nausea.”Alejandra is very closed to certain foods and her character is a little stronger“explains Carlo, who does not hesitate to always be aware of his partner.

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The future grandmother, Terelu Camposhas been very present during this phase, although Alejandra jokes that she has suffered from all the discomforts that her mother did not have when she was pregnant with her. Despite the initial difficulties, Alejandra assures that she now feels better and is enjoying her pregnancy more.

Between the cravings, Chocolate has been the great protagonist. “I’ve taken to chocolate, when I didn’t eat it as much before,” Alejandra reveals, showing her sweeter side during this special wait.. The arrival of this baby has filled both families with joy.and there is no doubt that Alejandra and Carlo face this new chapter with a lot of love and enthusiasm, ready to build together a family full of happiness.

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