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Surprise! Although it was not in their plans, Alejandra Rubio (24 years old) and Carlo Costanzia (31 years old) They are going to be parents of their first child. The news comes just five months after starting their romance and turns Terelu Campos and Mar Flores into grandmothers.

The couple was the one who announced the happy news in an exclusive interview in ¡Hola! magazine. Although they acknowledge that it was not in their plans, in fact when Alejandra found out the news she was “very overwhelmed.” They face this new life project with great joy and enthusiasm. Without a doubt, the finishing touch to a love story that is going through its best moment.

Alejandra is three and a half months pregnant, so if all goes well, she will give birth next December. The young woman assures that the first months were not easy at all, “suddenly, the body began to do strange things… Tiredness, a lot of nausea… I have had everything,” she confessed to the aforementioned publication, although it seems that little by little she is finding her better. “Carlo has put up with me a lot, honestly,” she noted, laughing.

Although it is still too early to know if it will be a boy or a girl, while Carlo dreams of having a girl, Alejandra’s feelings are very different: “I thought it could be a boy… I don’t know.” Regarding the names they are considering, although they assure that they have not yet made the classic list, the young woman warns that she will break the family tradition and if she is a girl she will not be called Teresa. “I know that my mother would be very excited, but I like more sophisticated, less common names,” she explained. If he is a boy, it seems that Carlo has it clearer: “Yes, I would like him to be called Carlo. But it will have to be decided between the two of us.”

Alejandra Rubio and Carlo Costanzia confess how their reaction was when they found out they were going to be parents

They had barely been in a relationship for two months, enjoying a trip to Jávea, when Alejandra began to feel strange. It was a friend who bought a test at the pharmacy and the result was clear. “I yelled at him from the bathroom. I asked him to come running and I showed him the result,” the young collaborator recalled.

Aware of everything that is coming at them, Alejandra admits that the first thing she felt was “fear”. “Me too. A very big responsibility came to me. “I just didn’t expect it, it all came a little suddenly,” Carlo pointed out.

Terelu Campos’ first reaction upon learning that she will be a grandmother

This news inevitably affects their respective families. Although Alejandra confesses that it was difficult for her to tell her mother, Terelu was the first to hear the news. “She noticed something…” says Carlo. And the bond between mother and daughter is so strong that she couldn’t delay it much longer. “I’m very close to her and I go to her house almost every day: to eat, have a snack, have dinner… I didn’t want to tell her,” she laughed.

Alejandra remembers that shortly after taking the test, she asked her what was wrong. “She seemed strange and very nervous to me. I didn’t talk to her as usual either. Maybe she was more defensive. That’s why, while we were talking about something else, I blurted it out to her,” the young woman tells Hello!.


“Ah, okay. Now I understand everything”, were Terelu’s first words upon learning the good news. “At first, she freaked out, of course. Normally, her daughter told her that she was pregnant and he was going to make her a grandmother. But, then, she got very excited (…) Later, she told me that, whatever it was, we should take the Whatever decision we made, he was going to be with us and support us. My mother is amazing“Alejandra said. Her father’s reaction was different. “He got nervous. It’s normal, because I’m her girl and, suddenly, everything went wrong. But now he’s super happy,” she noted.

Mar Flores, grandmother for the first time at 55 years old

Unlike Alejandra, who needed to let go as soon as possible, Carlo waited until everything was going well to tell his parents, almost at the same time. “It so happened that that day I saw my father first and, immediately after, my mother. “I wanted to get it out of the way as soon as possible,” says the act in Hello!. The reaction of both was very similar, although love “It impacted him a little more.”. “She took it very well. She was super happy and told me that she was going to support us in anything. It was very good, honestly. Better than I expected,” she says.

And now, they face this new stage of their life with great enthusiasm and desire to hold what will be their first child in their arms, a period of transformation that will change them forever. “I am very clear that Carlo is going to be an incredible father. I am very happy to be a mother with him,” said Alejandra.

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