María Fernanda Garza’s leadership seeks to change the world

María Fernanda Garza highlights a quality that has distinguished her throughout her life: wanting to change the world to make it a better place. This is the first woman to hold the presidency of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), an organization that represents 55 million companies in the world, which has a presence in 170 countries and whose rules allow trade equivalent to 20% of the world’s GDP. .

“What catches my attention about these organizations [de empresas] is that it is a way […] to do a lot to collaborate with governments to change the situation,” he explains.

And, from the point of view of this businesswoman, today the world is at the lowest level of “cooperation” in all of history, while trade will be the common thread that will allow said cooperation to be resumed.

Fernanda Garza’s current vision is best understood by narrating her own story. Upon completing her university studies, the Mexican woman started her own company and that venture made her see that it was very difficult for business projects to advance in Mexico.

Thus, he began to join groups that shared the interest in fighting for better conditions for businessmen in the country.

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“I began to join business organizations and I saw that with the combined work of several businessmen we were moving forward,” says Fernanda Garza.

The businesswoman participated in the work of the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex), and later became involved in the International Chamber of Commerce, where she became Regional Coordinator of the Americas.

Today, Fernanda Garza also has other concerns about the world: climate change, the disadvantages for women and the government’s attention to both issues.

“Climate change is something that worries me a lot and that in recent years in Mexico we have left behind. “I think we should recover this issue of advancing in terms of climate action, but also recover a little of Mexico’s leadership in the world,” he comments.

Likewise, the president of the ICC believes that the plastics industry should be circular, and that the Mexican government should lead this initiative.

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Regarding the female population, Fernanda Garza considers it serious that after the pandemic, fewer women returned to work, school and entrepreneurship, but she considers that women in leadership positions are the ones who should attract more women.

“We have to take very strong measures to not only get to where we were before the pandemic, but to accelerate that step, because half of the world’s population cannot be generating only a quarter of global GDP.”

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