He was the brother of a mayor

He was the brother of a mayor
He was the brother of a mayor


The news of the death and subsequent confirmation of the identity of the accident victim on the Route 40nearly The slabs caused deep consternation among the friends and family of Manuel Esparza, 52 years old. One of them was a neighbor of Mariano Moreno, Edgardo Torres, who confirmed that the “Colimba” companions would meet tonight in Zapala to say goodbye to their comrade with whom they completed their mandatory military service in the Mountain Hunter Company 6 of Primeros Pinos during the year 1990 with the 1971 class.


For his part, Manuel Rivera, the renowned aerial acrobat of “AcroTelas MR”, posted an emotional reminder on social networks. “Today there are many pending talks. Seeing and reading the terrible news of your departure distressed me greatly. Those trips we made to teach and earn a living will remain in the drawer of memories, as we always said with dignity. I remember that: Manu brings mates, Manu don’t forget to heat the water for the return mates! So many stories we told each other. Today it hurts a lot. Goodbye Manuel Esparza,” wrote his friend.


How the fatal accident happened

On this Tuesday morning, the tragic news of the death of a 52-year-old person was announced, as a result of a fatal accident between two vehicles when they were traveling on the Route 40. Hours later, the mayor of Bjada del Agrio himself, Ricardo Esparza, would confirm to LMN that it was his brother, Manuel.

He was the driver of a Fiat Siena that was traveling from Zapala to The slabs. For reasons that are being established, the road accident occurred around 9 in the morning on Route 40, near the Corral de Piedra area, and suffered a head-on collision with a Chevrolet S-10 truck.

Meanwhile, the driver of the truck is a 39-year-old young man residing in Las Lajas. He was accompanied by two adults. Everyone was unharmed.

fatal accident las lajas

Personnel from Police Station 27 of Las Lajas, led by Commissioner Sergio Pincheira, intervened, and under the orders of prosecutor Marcelo Jofré, they carried out rigorous procedures.

The personnel from Police Station 27 of Las Lajas, along with personnel from the Zapala Criminal Division, participated in the operation that took several hours on Route 40. Also present were the members of Squadron 31 of the National Gendarmerie, Firefighters, Citizen Security and Las Lajas Hospital.

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