Dominica Duque: from the radio to the kitchen of MasterChef Celebrity 2024

Dominica Duque, renowned journalist and presenter, has embarked on a new adventure by joining the MasterChef Celebrity 2024 competition.

This edition of the popular cooking show, broadcast on Canal RCN at 8:00 pm since June 18, has captured the attention of viewers, in part thanks to the participation of public figures like Duque.

This is Dominica Duque, the recognized face of RCN

Known for her work as a presenter and for her participation in entertainment programs such as ‘La Movida’ on RCN, Dominica has decided to temporarily pause her work at La FM, where she collaborates with Luis Carlos Vélez, to dedicate herself fully to cooking.

The journalist, who has also shown her talent as an actress in the soap opera ‘Nurses’ playing Catalina Jaramillo, has shared with her followers on Instagram some moments of her experience on the set of MasterChef Celebrity.

Dominica has publicly expressed its enthusiasm and nervousness about this new challenge. On her social networks, the presenter shared a video with fragments of her participation and an emotional message highlighting how special it is for her to return to television through this culinary program. “Today is a special day. Today I enter your homes, today I return to television and from today you can be my allies on this path that I am starting from scratch in the most important kitchen in the world!” wrote the announcer.

This season’s jury, made up of Jorge Rausch, Nicolás de Zubiría and Adria Marina, will evaluate Dominica’s culinary skills alongside other celebrities. Duque has acknowledged that the road will not be easy, but she is determined to face each challenge with determination. “It won’t be easy, but in the long run NOTHING that’s really worth it is. Life is about challenging yourself, overcoming yourself, and trying until you don’t get any more!” She added.

Being part of MasterChef Celebrity is a dream come true for Dominica, who has expressed her gratitude and excitement for this opportunity. “I always dreamed of being part of this project, and now I have to fight to stay in it! Wish me luck! I hope you like it a lot!” she concluded.

With this participation, Dominica Duque not only shows a new facet of her career, but also faces one of the greatest challenges of her professional life. Followers of the journalist and the program will be attentive to each of her episodes, supporting her on this exciting culinary journey.

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