The Civil Guard is looking for his head “because it does not appear”

The Civil Guard continues to investigate the murder that occurred in the municipality of Soto del Real. This is the first sexist crime that has occurred in the Community of Madrid in 2024: Jorge Ramón D., 53 years old, ended the life of his wife Soledad MA, 65 years old, whom he decapitated, and He then committed suicide by shooting himself with a shotgun..

Now, as confirmed by sources from the Civil Guard, the investigation focuses to find Soledad’s head. Therefore, it is hypothesized that Jorge Ramón could have tried to hide his wife’s body after his crime. The Benemérita agents are now searching the surroundings of the house where they lived to try to find your head.

As confirmed by the aforementioned sources, the bodies of Soledad and Jorge are found in the Institute of Legal Medicine of Valdebebas where the corresponding autopsies will be performed to clarify the specific causes of his death.

Furthermore, the Civil Guard has found the two weapons that would have been used to commit the murder and suicide: they are a carbine and a shotgunwhich, according to the first indications, were used in the course of the event.

It was around 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, when the Civil Guard found the two lifeless bodies, both with signs of violence. The agents went to the home, located at number 22 Vicente Aleixandre Street, after an alarm call from the sister of the deceased, since, apparently, they had not heard from both for several days. and no one responded to calls or messages.

Once at the scene of the tragedy, the The Civil Guard first found Soledad’s body in the garage of the property and later, during the inspection, they found Jorge’s body in a room on the second floor. The macabre scenario was confirmed: Jorge had beheaded Soledad.

The house where Soledad and Jorge lived in Soto del Real.

Jesus Soler

Jorge Ramón was a municipal police officer in Soto del Real, but he had not worked for at least two years. Yes, he was active at the time when Juan Lobatocurrent leader of the PSOE of Madrid, was the mayor of this municipality (2015-2021).

As neighbors around this couple explain, Jorge Ramón, who was called ‘Walker’, was a man ““Athlete, motorcycle lover and above all, very methodical.”. “I went every night around 9:00 p.m. to take a walk through the streets of the urban In fact, he was also walking to see his parents, who live in the center of Soto del Real,” they remember. In addition, the neighbors also highlight that he was “very athletic” and had “a gym set up in his house.”

Jorge Ramón was “disabled and early retired” because a few years ago he suffered “a motorcycle accident in the mountains, which left him in poor health”which is why he had had to “early retire and stop working.”

A neighbor of the alleged murderer narrates that “Sole and Jorge were quite reserved” so “if they had marital problems, they handled them discreetly and didn’t tell anyone.”

The sign of the El Real de San Antonio urbanization.

Jesus Soler

On the other hand, a neighbor, who could not contain her tears on Tuesday afternoon when talking about the marriage, explained to this newspaper that Soledad had two daughters from a previous relationship: Ruth and Anabel. “I had just come back from seeing one of them, who lives in London,” he added. Furthermore, this neighbor of the urbanization points out that Soledad and Jorge had a son in common, also named Jorge.

The residents of ‘El Real de San Antonio’ ​​point out that, although Jorge Ramon he could be “a little strange sometimes, nothing could make one suspect that he would do something like that.” In the neighborhood – they add – “there are many older people” and, although everyone knows each other, marital problems tend to stay “at home.”

On the other hand, Soledad, from whom Jorge had not yet separated, was the sister of a socialist politician from Colmenar Viejo, a town located just 15 minutes away by road. She was an official and appears on the website of the Autonomous University of Madrid as part of the center’s ‘information technologies’ work team. Her neighbors define her as a “great person” and, above all, as “generous”.

The same Tuesday, the Government delegate, Francisco Martin, went to the municipality and, in a press conference before the media, confirmed that it was the “first case of gender violence in the Community of Madrid in 2024.” He also explained that Soledad was not enrolled in the VioGen program to protect women from this scourge. From Benemérita they reported that There were no previous complaints in the relationship.

A black Tuesday, June 18, for Soto del Real, a rainy and sad day in which, unfortunately, the first sexist crime of 2024 in the Community of Madrid became known. a terrible problem that seems to have no end.

This Wednesday at 12:00 p.m., they observed five minutes of silence in the Plaza de la Villa de Soto Real. From the council, they have published on social networks their “support” for family members and loved ones of the victim and affirm that “the fight against gender violence It’s everyone’s responsibility.”.

The delegate of the Government of Madrid, Francisco Martín, the mayor of Soto del Real, Noelia Barrado and the general secretary of the PSOE of Madrid and former mayor of the municipality, participated in this event. Juan Lobato.

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