He was imprisoned by La 12 and today he is president of Almirante Brown, Boca’s rival

Maximiliano Levy, the boss of La Fragata, has a dark past in the xeneize bar that cost him almost three months in prison and an unusual right of admission even though he was a leader.

  • Boca goes to the round of 16 against Almirante in Mendoza

Gustavo Grabia

06/19/2024 10:31 am

Maximiliano Levy -on the left-, Maximiliano Mazzaro -in the middle- and Mauro Martín -on the right-, when the three of them led the Boca bar.

He was imprisoned for La 12 and today he is president of Almirante Brown. A judicial investigation identified him as the financial brain of the bar in the times when Mauro Martín and Maximiliano Mazzaro reigned But a decade later he wears a suit and tie to accompany Chiqui Tapia on various meetings and trips, since he became pro-executive secretary of the AFA. He had the right of admission and today sits in the main box, the one intended for the presidents of the clubs. And today he will see on one side his lifelong love, Almirante Brown, the club of which his father and grandfather made him a fan and which he manages five years ago, against the institution that gave him contacts and power from a paravalanche. This is Maximiliano Levy, the boss of La Fragatawho spent 88 days in prison for a cause of the Boca brava gang and whom today he will see from a distance as someone who remembers with nostalgia a past that is already gone.


Levy spent his adolescence in Villa Luzuriaga but did not fulfill his father’s first dream, which was for him to follow a career similar to his and end up, like him, as an executive of an important company, in his case, an automotive company. Although he was given the same facility for numbers, Maxy, his son, focused his interest on the gastronomic and financial business, at the same time that he inherited his passion for Almirante Brown. Those activities They ended up linking him with the Mirasol bar but at the same time with La Doce, since part of the violent people from La Fragata were always linked in Primera to Boca Juniors. His companion from adventures in the neighborhood and in life at that time was Maximiliano Mazzaro, a man who joined the Boca bar in the 90s and who would come to power in 2007. They met on the streets of La Matanza, they spent their entire adolescence in the stands of the Almirante stadium and later, When Mazzaro was crowned with Mauro Martín as head of La Doce, he was the one who gave them financial support., although he never got on a paravalanche but rather followed everything from the stalls. They were such friends that Mazzaro frequently ate at a restaurant that Levy had in San Justo, called El Altillo, and that he was one of the main witnesses of his marriage.

In the investigation for illicit association with the Boca brava gang that Judge Manuel De Campos initiated at the time, he He had Levy as the man who acted as a link between two financial companies at 259 Florida Street and a transportation company, all with ties to the bar. In fact, according to his work, every two weeks important sums appeared in the bank accounts of these financial companies that were later transferred to the private accounts of the bosses of La Doce, and he assumed that this activity had Levy behind it. But his theory came to nothing when the Crime Chamber annulled the investigation.

Pearls from Levy’s Instagram: shirt for Infantino, hug with Tapia and Sergio Massa, the original World Cup (which only the champions should kiss, according to FIFA) and the 10 of La Fragata for Messi. (@maxilevy19)

Judge De Campos had Levy 88 days in prison for covering up Maximiliano Mazzaro in the case of the crime of a neighbor of Mauro Martín’s brother-in-law. For Justice, Levy had given him protection while the head of the bar was on the run. In the codes of the tribune, Levy’s performance was impeccable: he did not open his mouth even with the offers to give information to set him free. In fact, He did not even say anything when they accused him of having taken him by helicopter to Mazzaro, who was a fugitive, to give orders in a Boca-Quilmes in the Bombonera. Instead, he believed that Mazzaro did not behave as he should and then, when he left, legend has it that Levy spent his time in jail by allegedly selling six apartments on the second floor that were in the names of front men. But that was also his end in the world of La Doce: because the La Matanza group was left in charge of a bar in the Los Pinos neighborhood, Morci Avila and both Levy and his main henchman, Alberto Crócamo, alias Gordo Beto, were left definitely banished.

That situation made Levy look back at her first love. And little by little she got involved in Almirante Brown’s political life. And in three years he rose to become a candidate for president in 2018, with the guarantee that he could pacify a tribune that was experiencing a tremendous war. between three factions and also that it had the mechanisms to inject money and attempt the long-awaited promotion from the Metropolitan B to the Primera Nacional. Elected president, he achieved both, the second of them on 12/27/2020. In the middle, as soon as the club’s boss was elected, he had to resign himself for a time to watching the games from the outside, because whoever was the owner of Aprevide at that time, Juan Manuel Lugones, had unusually imposed on him the right of admission even though he no longer had causes linked to sports and he was also the legitimate president of an institution.

Since that Ascension, Levy had a meteoric career thanks to his wonderful relationship with Claudio Chiqui Tapia. Thus, first he managed to establish himself as president of the board of directors of the category and then he was elected as pro-executive secretary of the AFA in the elections that ratified Tapia for another term until 2025. There are those who say that things favorable to the club, such as certain arbitrations in key matches that benefited Almirante, something that usually happens in Ascenso football with teams that are close to power. In any case, his name will be present tonight, in the first official confrontation in history between Boca, that club that gave him contacts and power thanks to his paravalanche friendships, against Almirante Brown, the institution that he currently presides over and that will seek to get into the round of 16 of the Argentine Cup.

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