Who was the cyclist who was killed by a truck in Añelo

Who was the cyclist who was killed by a truck in Añelo
Who was the cyclist who was killed by a truck in Añelo

“When arriving at the scene, the person was already with health personnel, who confirmed the death. “He had been run over by a white Toyota Hilux truck belonging to a man who works on a farm,” he said. Maximiliano San Martínhead of the barracks Añelo Volunteer Firefighters.


Courtesy Civil Defense

As he was able to know LMNeuquénthe victim was recognized as Mateo Pizo, a man who worked in the sector called “las plots”, where several companies and some producers from the town of Añelo are based.

Police sources confirmed the identity of the man and clarified: “He was not a native of the area. Possibly, he had arrived from Buenos Aires. He worked on a plot, for a private company.”

Those who knew him commented that the man usually took the same route on a bicycle. Some neighbors wondered, indignantly, “how many lives are needed” for Añelo to have a road in good condition and improve its infrastructure.

Many complained about the state of the road: in several sectors it is deformed due to the high traffic of heavy trucks (although this would not be the case), added to the lack of lighting. They also considered that it would be necessary for the State to address the work of a cycle path to guarantee the safety of those who pass through the area daily. For now, they do it on a fairly wide shoulder.

“I really don’t know what they’re waiting for… Another life gone“I hope they put up lighting soon,” said Romina Zambueza, a resident of the town. Meanwhile, another woman considered that “They would have to illuminate and put speed bumps. The vehicles pass at high speed without taking into account that it is an urban area.” Roberto Huenuleo expressed himself in the same way: “With lighting that would not happen. My deepest condolences to the family”.

The news filled social networks with messages, where neighbors of Añelo vented their anger and discomfort about the conditions of Route 17 and the deaths that could have been avoided. “I hope you are not another victim Mateo, and your departure does not come to nothing,” said Noemi Campos.

The driver of the truck was taken to the local hospital, while traffic was interrupted during the first hours after the road accident.

Staff from the Tenth Police Station, Tránsito Añelo, Volunteer Firefighters and local Civil Defense were working on the asphalt strip early this Wednesday.

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The cyclist who died after being run over in Añelo was identified as Mateo Pizo.

Another tragic death on the road

On Tuesday, another fatality was recorded as a result of a road accident. It was about the Route 40 as a result of a collision between a car and a truck. In the fatal accident, Manuel Esparza, 52, who was driving a Fiat Siena that was traveling from Zapala to Las Lajas, lost his life. For reasons that are being established, the road accident occurred around 9 in the morning on Route 40, near the Corral de Piedra area. There was a head-on collision with a Chevrolet S-10 truck.

Meanwhile, the driver of the truck is a 39-year-old young man residing in Las Lajas. He was accompanied by two adults. Everyone was unharmed.

fatal accident las lajas

The identity of the deceased was confirmed to LMNeuquén by the victim’s brother, the mayor of Bajada del Agrio, Ricardo Esparza.

My best brother left me. He had all the qualities of a good man“, expressed the mayor of Bajada del Agrio, broken by pain and anguish. He described him to his brother as an excellent athlete in what he loved most, which was taekwondo. An activity that made him widely known and recognized in the region.

Ricardo said that his brother “had three children, a granddaughter and a boy that he had adopted.” The municipal leader also shared his pain and his brother Manuel’s memory of him on social networks where he showed photos and wrote heartfelt messages such as: “All my life I wanted to be like you” and “I will love you all my life”.

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