A large fire on the outskirts of Athens forces thousands of people to evacuate

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A large fire that broke out this Wednesday on the outskirts of Athensin an area of ​​low scrubland, has forced the authorities to order the evacuation of thousands of people, while the flames have already reached populated areas, a Firefighters spokesperson told EFE.

The fire broke out this afternoon near the town of Koropi, about 25 kilometers east of the center of the Greek capital, an area of ​​low scrubland.

The authorities have already ordered the evacuation of the town of Kitsi, with about 5,000 inhabitants, as well as Labrikiá and three summer school camps in the area.

Some 90 firefighters with 35 trucks, six planes and eight tanker helicopters are fighting to keep the flames from reaching Kitsi, although the fire has already burned some homes and businesses located on the outskirts of the town, according to local media.

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Extinction tasks are made difficult by strong winds, with gusts reaching 90 kilometers per hour, while authorities have been forced to cut off traffic on several local roads.

The mayor of the municipality of Saronikos, Dimitris Papachristu, told SKAI television that the front of the fire is about 1.5 kilometers and that due to the adverse weather conditions it is very difficult to contain the flames.

“This is a very difficult day,” said the spokesman for the Fire Department, Vasilis Varthakogianis, in a press conference, who pointed out that this Wednesday a new fire breaks out approximately every 10 minutes, although most are put out before they spread. .

Dozens of firefighters are fighting another large fire in the Argolida region, in the south of the country, which has forced the evacuation of the town of Dárdiza.

Civil Protection had warned since yesterday about a very high risk of fires in the capital region of Attica and in five other regions of the country, due to the high temperatures that exceed 38 degrees this Wednesday and the strong winds.

Last summer, Greece suffered a wave of fires that devastated a record area of ​​150,000 hectares and killed 28 people.


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