In Mendoza, drunk drivers who are involved in an accident must pay for their medical expenses

In Mendoza, drunk drivers who are involved in an accident must pay for their medical expenses
In Mendoza, drunk drivers who are involved in an accident must pay for their medical expenses

This Wednesday, the Chamber of Deputies gave the definitive green light to the law that establishes that Drunk drivers who are involved in a road accident must cover the costs of their medical care when they are treated in the public health system.

This project, presented as part of a set of health reforms, provides for the recovery of health costs generated in public hospitals. In practical terms, If a drunk motorist has an accident and is taken to a public health center or hospital, he or she must pay for his or her treatment.

To this end, the Ministry of Health and Sports is empowered to charge or recover the costs of health services provided in the facilities of the Public Health System for the benefit of the driver who, having violated the prohibitions of article 52, paragraphs 7 and 8 of the Law No. 9024, participate in or cause a traffic accident as determined by the competent authority.

This recovery will be made through the Reforsalthe Fund Recovery Entity for the Strengthening of the Mendoza Health System, created precisely to charge patients who are treated in public rooms, even if they have social or prepaid work.

The approval of this law occurs in the context of a series of road accidents involving drivers with high blood alcohol levels. Some of these accidents have had tragic consequences, such as the one that occurred in the South Access, where a police officer and a preventer were run over and killed during a traffic control.

The Road Safety Law, in its sections 7 and 8, prohibits driving under the influence of alcohol beyond the limits established for automobiles, bicycles with or without motor, motorcycles or mopeds, and transportation of passengers and cargo.

The data is alarming, it is that 1 in 4 deaths in traffic accidents is linked to violation of the prohibition of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

In this way, in the event of an accident, If it is proven that the driver has more than 0.5 grams of alcohol per liter of blood and requires hospital care, but does not have social work, he or she will have to pay for it..

With the final sanction, all that remains is the regulation by the Executive.

Furthermore, it is not the only regulation on drunk drivers in the Legislature. The Minister of Security, Mercedes Rus, presented a proposal that disqualifies motorists with more than 1 gram of alcohol in their blood and another that proposes aggravating the penalties for recidivism and damages caused by these crimes.

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