Botafogo and Athletico Paranaense tied 1 to 1 | Other Soccer Leagues

Botafogo and Athletico Paranaense tied 1 to 1 | Other Soccer Leagues
Botafogo and Athletico Paranaense tied 1 to 1 | Other Soccer Leagues

Close 1-1 tie between Botafogo and Paranaense at the Engenhão stadium, for date 10 of the Brazil – Brazilian Championship 2024 tournament.

Striker Gonzalo Mastriani opened the scoring for Athletico Paranaense in the 7th minute of the second half, while Bastos leveled the score by scoring in the 53rd minute of the same stage.

Bastos distinguished himself as the most outstanding player of the match. The Botafogo defender was important for scoring 1 goal and taking 3 balls out of the danger area.

Gonzalo Mastriani was also important. The Athletico Paranaense forward scored 1 goal, shot into the opponent’s goal 3 times and made 18 correct passes.

With a dirty game, the match played between both teams stood out. There were several reprimands: Erick Carvalho, Lucas Esquivel, Christian, Pablo and Alex Santana.

Botafogo’s technical director, Artur Jorge, proposed a 4-5-1 strategy with John in goal; Damián Suárez, Lucas Halter, Bastos and Cuiabano on the defensive line; Danilo Barbosa, Marlon Freitas, Tchê Tchê, Óscar Romero and Eduardo in the middle; and Júnior Santos in attack.

For their part, those led by Alexi Stival stood with a 4-3-3 formation with Léo Linck between the three sticks; Leonardo Godoy, Kaique Rocha, Thiago Heleno and Lucas Esquivel in defense; Erick Carvalho, Fernandinho and Christian in the midfield; and Nikão, Gonzalo Mastriani and Tomás Cuello up front.

The judge selected for the match at the Engenhão stadium was Ramon Abatti Abel.

Botafogo will visit Criciúma on the next day. On the Paranaense side, they will play at home against Corinthians.

After the match, the local team is left with 20 points and first in the standings. While the visit has 18 units and occupies third place in the tournament.

Changes in Botafogo

  • 56′ 2T – Danilo Barbosa da Silva left for Luiz Henrique Andre Rosa da Silva
  • 68′ 2T – Óscar David Romero Villamayor left for Fabiano Rodrigues Pereira and Damián Nicolás Suárez Suárez for Yarlen Faustino Augusto
  • 85′ 2T – Marlon Rodrigues De Freitas came out for Gregore De Magalhães da Silva

Changes in Athletico Paranaense

  • 71′ 2T – Tomás Esteban Cuello left for Julimar Silva Oliveira Junior
  • 81′ 2T – Lucas Ángel Esquivel came out for Mateo Gamarra González
  • 84′ 2T – Gonzalo Mathias Mastriani Borges left for Pablo Felipe Teixeira and Carlos Eduardo de Oliveira Alves for Diego Manuel Hernández González
  • 89′ 2T – Christian Roberto Alves Cardoso left for Jose Vitor Silva Neves and Maycon Vinicius Ferreira da Cruz for Alex Paulo Menezes Santana

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