The lawyer for the detainees says that the child was not lost and that tomorrow there will be news

The lawyer for the detainees says that the child was not lost and that tomorrow there will be news
The lawyer for the detainees says that the child was not lost and that tomorrow there will be news

“Loan was not lost” tomorrow they will meet “relevant evidence”said Leandro Monti, defense attorney. Among the new evidence, the lawyer assured that there are photos and videos. In addition, he requested that all vehicles of those present at the event be requisitioned. lunch prior to the child’s disappearance.

In any case, the family’s lawyer, Roberto Méndez, still maintains that the boy got lost since “there is no evidence” that leads to another hypothesis.

This Tuesday, the guarantee judge Lucio López Lecube ordered the preventive detention of the detainees Bernardino Antonio Benítez, uncle of the victim, and the couple Daniel Ramírez and Mónica del Carmen Millapi. For the judge, the three are guilty of the crime of abandonment of person, since they were guarantors of the care of loan.

Sixth day looking for Loan: investigators reconstructed the events together with the minor’s cousins

Meanwhile, local authorities moved forward with the search for Loan, carrying out a reconstruction of the events together with the minor’s cousins, who had been with him on the day of his disappearance. The children are 10, 9, 8, 7 and 6 years old and had previously presented their testimony in the Gesell Chamber, where they said that Loan went “alone, to a different place”when he was returning to his grandmother’s house” and that he “got lost” on the way.

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The search for Loan continues.

The personnel in charge of the investigation reported that this Wednesday the range of searches to find Loan Danilo Peña increases due to the incorporation of security forces. Salta and Mendozaalong with two search experts.

As the days go by, the uncertainty scenario grows and researchers highlight that These are key times to find it.

They confirmed that the stocking with blood is not from Loan

On the other hand, they confirmed that the stocking with blood found by Kiarathe dog is part of the dog team in a densely wooded area, is not the child’s.

Justice begins complete the analysis of the seized items during the searches in order to have accurate information about where Loan is.

Another of the key advances in the investigation in the last hours was a man who called 911 and reported having seen in Resistencia, Chaco, loan inside a van last Thursday, the day he disappeared.

From the Diario Chaco media they indicated that in the complaint the man saw a truck White Toyota Hiluxwith tinted windows, stopped on National Route No. 11. An adult with a minor got out of the vehicle, who described that it was Loan.

As detailed, The boy was wearing a blue t-shirt and jeans.and apparently felt sick, as he vomited into a bag.

As happens in all cases, the authorities are now investigating to know if the complaint made by the person is true or notsince in these six days of searching there were thousands of false calls to 134.

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