Alberto Fujimori would run in 2026, he has already registered in Fuerza Popular

Alberto Fujimori would run in 2026, he has already registered in Fuerza Popular
Alberto Fujimori would run in 2026, he has already registered in Fuerza Popular

Alberto Fujimori is registered as a Fuerza Popular militant: they do not rule out his running in 2026

The elections are just around the corner and the political mafias are sharpening their claws. The wildest move has just been made Popular Force: They dared to register Alberto Fujimori as a member of the orange party. An electrifying move that opens the door to speculation about a return of the former dictator to the political career.

The registration was made on Saturday the 15th, but his little daughter Keiko Sofia only made it public today through a video on her social networks. And to add more terror, the patriarch’s family doctor and star sterilizer of the dictatorship came out to spread terror on Canal N and did not rule out Don Alberto running for elected office. Dark times are coming.

Marco Sifuentes revealed audio where the Minister of the Interior insults him and asks to monitor him

Marco Sifuentes from La Encerrona revealed that the current Minister of the Interior, a former Fujimori troll, Juan José Santiváñez, I would have ordered to “control it” after assuming this position. Through an audio shared by his YouTube channel, the communicator exposed Santiváñez. The minister asked a friend to take action on the matter because Sifuentes had been critical of his work.

Hey, tell the doctor to check on that guy from La Encerrona. People think they are starting to hit me and that is not the idea (…) You have my help and support in whatever you need, but control that guy because he insults and attacks, and I am not going to put up with any more uncomfortable situations. Please.

The nineties continue to become fashionable.

Citizens begin to collect signatures to recall Wilfredo Oscorima, while in Lima a “firmaton” is being prepared to remove Rafael López Aliaga from the mayor’s office

The request for revocation against Rafael López Aliaga and Wilfredo Oscorima, among others, is now a reality. Both mayors, involved in serious questions, had minimized the announcement of the acquisition of recall kits against them; however, signatures have started to appear. From Ayacucho, the collection of signatures for the revocation of Oscorima began at the premises of the People’s Defense Front of Ayacucho, starting with the leaders.

Meanwhile, in Lima a “firmathon” is being organized for citizens to come and sign the revocation starting on Saturday, June 22. As is known, a recent Ipsos survey revealed that 57% of Lima residents would be willing to sign the recall against Aliaga. Although the mayor had said that This revocation against him is due to a serious conflict of interest linked to Susana Villarán and that it would even be financed by Odebrecht. The promoter of the recall has said that he expects a lawsuit against Porky for defamation. Will they reach the goal?

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