Refugee Day, WiFi Day, Yellow Day, Nicole Kidman and Frank Lampart – Facts of Today

Refugee Day, WiFi Day, Yellow Day, Nicole Kidman and Frank Lampart – Facts of Today
Refugee Day, WiFi Day, Yellow Day, Nicole Kidman and Frank Lampart – Facts of Today

The news of June 20 is marked by the names of Samuel, Silverio and Florentine and for the anniversary of the actor’s birth Errol Flynn died in 1959.

World Refugee Day

International WiFi Day

Yellow Day, the happiest day of the year


On this day, in 1837, the queen was crowned Victory I; In 1990, a new monetary unit was proposed in Europe, the ECU; In 2003 the Wikimedia Foundation. special memory for Larry Colinsthe American writer and journalist who died in 2005.

Character of the day

Nicole Kidman (June 20, 1967), actress born in Hawaii but adopted by Australia, millions of viewers of her films have fallen in love with her charm and acting ability. Days of thunder next to Tom Cruise launched her to fame; They followed him among other films Portrait of a lady, batman forever, All for a dream, Moulin Rouge, Cold Mountain, The Golden Compass either Nine. In 2002 she won the Oscar for best actress for The hours.

His phrases

“I like controversy. The movies that don’t interest me are the ones that are safe. “I love shaking things up in film, literature and art.”

“Acting is very fulfilling but it is exhausting because emotionally it requires an enormous commitment.”

The father of King Juan Carlos was also born on June 20, Don Juan de Borbón y Battenberg -he did not reign- (1913-1993), the French politician Jean Marie Le Pen (1928); Austrian composer Jacques Offenbach author of Can can most famous (1819 – 1880), Spanish painter Ignacio Zuloaga (1870 – 1945), American actor Errol Flynn (1909 – 2001), American singer Lionel Richie (1949), American actor John Goodman (1952), Spanish actress Amparo Muñoz (1954-2010), British football player Frank Lampart (1978) and the Spanish model Cervantes Remedies (1964).

Saints of the day

Florentinename derived from the Italian city of Florence.
Silverioa name that comes from Latin and means “forest.”
Samuela name of Hebrew origin that means “a name of God.”

As a Roman would say…

Teaching discimus.
We learn by teaching.

The joke

-Mom, mom, is it true that we descend from monkeys?
-I don’t know, honey, your father has never introduced me.
To his family.


The man has the years marked on his bones, the woman on her face.


He who forgives and does not forget, still breathes through the wound.

To read and meditate

Let us not love in words or with the mouth, but with
facts and truth.
1 John 3:18

If the bed breaks, there is always the floor to lie on.
hindu proverb

A book is like a garden that you carry in your pocket.
Arabic proverb

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