Journalist Walter Safarian was assaulted by a thief who tried to rob him in Palermo

Journalist Walter Safarian was assaulted by a thief who tried to rob him in Palermo
Journalist Walter Safarian was assaulted by a thief who tried to rob him in Palermo


The sports journalist Walter Safarian He was the protagonist of a case of insecurity when a thief tried to steal his belongings on Wednesday night. The robbery was foiled by the City Police who arrested the thief.

The incident happened at the door of Radio La Red located on the street Gorriti, two blocks from the avenue Juan b. Fair, in the Palermo neighborhood of the city of Buenos Aires. According to him, the sports journalist arrived in a car at the entrance of the media and was surprised by the assailant when he parked.

The man asked him to get out of the car with the intention of robbing him. However, a police officer noticed the situation and came to arrest him. The criminal immediately fled the scene, but was pursued until he was arrested.

The criminal arrested by the City Police

After a few minutes, in dialogue with Juan Carlos Toti Pasman in the program Football 910 where he has been participating for a year, Safarian reassured his family about what happened and thanked them for their messages on social networks. He told how the tense situation was.

I’m fine. I came to the radio like every day. Today (Wednesday) half an hour later because he had started (Boca beat Almirante Brown 2-1). At 8 pm I stopped the car at the door and a man appeared with a knife. He told me ‘get out of the car through the other door’. It was clear that he wanted to rob me. A City Police saw him and told him to throw the knife and he ran away, but they caught him,” said the journalist with a past at Fox Sports.

At the beginning of the month, a violent robbery occurred in a beauty center in Palermo. Two criminals entered the beauty salon, threatened the workers and stole a computer, a tablet, two cell phones and 80,000 from the cash register. The two suspects who were wanted by the Police were later arrested by personnel of the Buenos Aires security force in Belgrano.

The suspects were arrested by police detectives. Community Investigations Division 14 in Zapata at 200, in Belgrano. Both criminals have a history of crimes such as robbery and drug possession.

“You guys calm down. No figth Because if we don’t all appear in Crónica,” the criminal snapped after breaking into Teodoro García’s House of Beauty at 2300, Palermo.

While, His accomplice took possession of the valuables,The two employees and the only customer in the store were afraid. They did not calm down until the thieves escaped with the loot.


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