“The Last Conjuring” premieres

  • The Japanese Hideo Nakata, internationally acclaimed for his cult film from 1998, is behind this chilling feature film that narrates a series of terrifying events around a family.
  • It will arrive in Chilean theaters on June 20. Distributed by BF Distribution.

Japanese director Hideo Nakata began his career making short films and a feature film that captured the attention of the Japanese audience, but in 1998 he found worldwide recognition with “The Ring” (“Ringu”), a cult film that inspired an American remake and a sequel series. Since then, everything this true master of horror does has international repercussions.

“The Last Conjuring” is his last film. A new sample of J-Horror that will arrive in Chile on June 20. Distributed by BF Distribution.

When Internet video director Hiroko Kurasawa visits the home of her former colleague Naoto Ihara, who has lost his wife, she sees his son Haruto reciting a strange spell in the direction of a mound of dirt in his garden.

A mysterious enchantment, a lizard’s tail, a finger, a pale shadow, a pile of undulating earth, and a sealed house. Strange phenomena begin to occur around Hiroko and what began as a child’s innocent desire becomes unleashed evil.

The production, based on Shimizu Karma’s debut novel “Kinjirareta Asobi”, has become one of the highest-grossing Japanese horror films of recent times. It is a cocktail of horror and melodrama that will captivate its fans, J-Horror lovers and fans of fantastic cinema.

“The last spell”
Duration: 110 minutes
Director: Hideo Nakata
Cast: Kanna Hashimoto, Daiki Shigeoka
Country of Origin: Japan
Premiere in Chile: June 20
BF Distribution

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