Donald Trump proposed benefits for foreigners who graduate in the United States

The leader of the Republican Party, in the middle of the presidential campaign, indicated that immigrants who complete their studies in the country should obtain permanent residence.

Donald Trump, former US president. Photo: Reuters

The presidential campaign in USA leads to candidates announce possible benefits for the inhabitants should they score a victory at the polls in November. donald trump indicated in the last few hours that those foreigners who manage to graduate from a university in the country They should have a permanent residence to stay there.

If you graduate from a university, I think you should automatically getand, as part of your diploma, a green card (permanent residence) to be able to stay in this country, and that also includes semi-higher institutes,” the Republican leader detailed during his appearance on a podcast.

Donald Trump, former US president, and a nod to foreigners during his campaign. Photo: Reuters

The green card is the name assigned to the permanent residence cardwhich means a great step to US citizenship, in addition to offering foreigners the chance to live and work permanently in USA.

Fairly, donald trump surprised because he had shown a stricter line when it comes to immigration. Even, He promised a broad campaign of repression if he manages to return to the White House in the elections that will face Joe Bidenwhom he questioned about the immigration crisis that his country is going through.

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In this framework, the candidate for Republican Party noted: “Anyone who graduates from a university, whether it is two or four years, he should be able to stay in this country“The truth is that it was not clear if the magnate’s statement also refers to those foreigners who entered the territory irregularly.

Donald Trump celebrated his 78th birthday. Photo: Reuters Donald Trump celebrated his 78th birthday. Photo: Reuters.

Some time ago, representatives of both parties brought forward laws to simplify the permanence of immigrants in the country who have completed their university studies there.

It should be remembered that migration will be one of the most delicate points of the first presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. It will take place in the CNN studios in Atlanta, Georgia, and in the last few hours it was learned that the tycoon will be the one who has the last word, as indicated in the previous draw.

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