Noreya The Gold Project metroidvania leaves Early Access

The metroidvanias do not abandon us, and when they look as interesting as this is the case, we are not going to complain one bit. After being in Early Access for a year, the team dreamirl has announced that Noreya: The Gold Project It leaves Early Access today, so that all Steam users can enjoy it at a price of €27.99.

In itself, the pixel art work is very attractive, offering very detailed scenarios and a simple protagonist, but with outrageous animations. And yes, it is more exploration, platforming and combat, as the canons of the genre dictate. However, Noreya: The Gold Project He has an ace up his sleeve to surprise: your karma system.

Throughout the game we will decide whether to corrupt the gold or purify the light, joining the gods of light or darkness depending on our actions. This will not only affect the story, but also our abilities and the paths that open up for us on the map. Even the music, which promises to be epic from what we heard in the trailer, will be affected by our alliances. So, a very interesting twist for you. Noreya: The Gold Project can shine like gold in the competitive metroidvania market.

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