Ayuso further tenses the pulse with the Government decorating a Milei unleashed against Sánchez

Ayuso further tenses the pulse with the Government decorating a Milei unleashed against Sánchez
Ayuso further tenses the pulse with the Government decorating a Milei unleashed against Sánchez

Between constants attacksof Javier Milei to Pedro Sánchez and with the diplomatic crisis with Argentina far from being resolved, Isabel Diaz Ayuso seeks a clash with the central government by decorating the far-right president, whom he will receive this Friday in Madrid to stage a new challenge to the Executivewho accuses the Madrid president of “disloyalty“institutional.

Thus, Ayuso will meet Milei at the Real Casa de Correos and will give her the International Medala recognition that will give you by virtue of a legal nuance that his own Government changed just over two months ago, while the Argentine president strives to increasingly raise the tone of his insults to the President of the Government.

The Official Gazette of the Community of Madrid already includes the granting of this decoration to Milei, within the framework of what it qualifies as a “official visit to the Region” of the Argentine president, whose visit to the capital thus opens a new confrontation between Moncloa and Solin the midst of the diplomatic conflict between Spain and Argentina following the president’s last visit to Spain.

On that occasion, the ultra leader attacked Sánchez and his wifeBegoña Gómez, at a Vox event, unleashing a crisis that led Spain to withdraw its ambassador indefinitely from Buenos Aires. Since then, he has not stopped his attacks against the President of the Government.

The Government accuses Ayuso of disloyalty

Thus, the minister spokesperson for the Executive, Pilar Alegríastated this Friday that “Ayuso is running to impose a ‘fake’ medal on anyone who insults Spain and its institutions” and has criticized that the ‘popular’ leader “skips any line of institutional loyalty, breaking the law“.

In this sense, diplomatic sources confirmed to laSexta on Thursday that Ayuso did not report Milei’s visit to the Government, which found out from the Argentine president’s spokesperson. They blame him for “disloyalty“institutional because the Law of Action and the Foreign Service obliges the autonomous communities to inform the Executive about visits with external projection.

The aforementioned diplomatic sources also stated that “surprising and anomalous that a foreign president does not request, in any of his first visits to Spain, an institutional meeting with his counterpart, as all presidents in the world do, while maintaining private meetings and with regional authorities.”

Milei, as expected, He has not requested a meeting with Sánchez, but despite everything, “the media has been made available to him as with any other president of another country,” as confirmed by Alegría, who hopes that Milei will be “respectful toward this country.” “It is unprecedented that a President of the Government comes to Spain to insult Spanish institutions,” he added.

Genoa denies discomfort over Ayuso’s approach to Milei

From the national leadership of the PP, meanwhile, They deny that there is discomfort for Ayuso’s approach to the Argentine president. “What the PP expects and what it always wants is normality in Spain’s foreign relations with countries like Argentina,” its general secretary, Cuca Gamarra, assured this Friday when asked by laSexta.

Thus, he has defended that the fact that Milei “can receive a decoration” that other presidents have received “under the same conditions” is “logical” and has instead charged against the central Executive, criticizing that “what is not logical the thing is The inauguration was not even attended of a president who was elected by the Argentines”.

“What we advocate for is the recovery of normality in foreign relations,” he insisted. “To the national leadership what We are much more concerned about Russian interference in Spanish democracy that an issue of these characteristics should be part of the normality of international relations between two countries that have many ties,” he concluded.

The party spokesperson has spoken along the same lines, Borja Semper, who has pointed out that the PP was aware of the medal that Ayuso is going to award to Milei and has denied discomfort in the PP leadership. What they are “deeply upset” with, he said, is the foreign policy of the Sánchez Government, which he accuses of opening “international conflicts.”

Furthermore, he has indicated that Feijóo will not attend the medal ceremony for Milei because “he was not invited and if he was invited he has other things on the agenda.” “In total naturalness and normality, we really don’t give this much importance,” she insisted.

Ayuso speaks of Milei as a “legitimate president”: “He does”

Ayuso, in any case, seems determined to dispute Milei’s favor to Voxhis previous host, and has already made clear his intention to use this visit to confront the Sánchez Government: in this way, on Thursday he defended that it is “an honor” to receive “the legitimately elected president, he doesby a large majority at the polls”.

Furthermore, he maintained that it is not his fault if the Argentine president “makes institutional visits to different governments and does not do so with the one that has caused a democratic crisis and that constantly insults, not only Milei but all the governments that are not his.” sign”.

The Madrid Government justifies the medal to Milei for “the historical, cultural, linguistic and economic ties” of Argentina with the region, while the Madrid opposition has protested this decoration, created in 2017 and awarded to the Venezuelan opposition Juan Guaidó, the Ukrainian president, Volodímir Zelenski, or the Ecuadorian , Daniel Noboa.

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