Feid’s possible song list for the opening of the Copa América 2024

Feid’s possible song list for the opening of the Copa América 2024
Feid’s possible song list for the opening of the Copa América 2024

The Paisa singer Feid has stood out in recent years for his great musical talent in the urban genre, since he has managed to position himself in the different lists of the best songs in various Latin American countries.

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This is why Conmebol selected him to be the guest artist at the grand opening of the Copa América, in which the match between Argentina and Canada will be played, at the Mercedes Benz stadium, which has a capacity of 75,000 people.

“Feid’s music will make the hearts of the entire continent vibrate when he enters the scene. Once again, Conmebol introduces a world-famous artist to its shows“, always thinking about the fan of South American football, one of the strategic pillars of governance,” reads the confederation’s statement.

The possible list of songs that Feid will sing at the opening of the Copa América

Because in the Conmebol statement it was mentioned that ‘Ferxxo’ will take its tour titled ‘Ferxxocalypse’ At the grand opening, some believe that he will sing the same songs that he has presented in his ‘show’, which are some of the most successful, like the ones we will name below.

  • Alakran.
  • Lady My Love.
  • Ferxxo 151.
  • Black Dog.
  • The Innocent
  • Please.
  • Happy Birthday Ferxxo.
  • Ultra Solo.
  • Shard.
  • Ferxxo Edition.
  • Monastery.
  • Ferxxo 100.
  • Hey Mor.
  • Classy 101.
  • Moon.
  • Sorry 4 that much.
  • Techno lights.
  • Bubalu.
  • I smoke.
  • 50 Sticks.
  • Which one is that.
  • Yandel 150.
  • Splash for the spirits.

It should be noted that the people who are in the stadium will not be the only ones who will be able to enjoy the artist’s singles, since the inauguration is broadcast on various channels in the region. In addition to this, the confederation’s social networks will also show you will be able to observe.

The channels that will be in charge of presenting the entire ‘show’ live for Colombia are ‘Caracol Televisión’, ‘RCN’, ‘DirecTV Sports’ and ‘Win Sports’, keep in mind that the concert will start at approximately 6 p.m.

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