The story of the two sets of twins who were exchanged by accident

The story of the two sets of twins who were exchanged by accident
The story of the two sets of twins who were exchanged by accident

In 1988, two sets of twins were switched at birth in Colombia. For 26 years, no one realized the mistake until, by chance, their paths crossed again in 2014.

This incredible event, which could seem like the script of a soap opera, is a true fact and Now Netflix revives it with the documentary ‘Brothers by Accident’.

The film narrates the reunion of the Bernal Castro brothers (Jorge and Carlos) and the Cañas Velasco (William and Wilmer), the process they have experienced since then and how their relationship has evolved.

Quadruple reunion

In 2014, a friend from Jorge Bernal’s office was shopping at a butcher shop when she noticed that one of the butchers looked just like her coworker. To record this surprising coincidence, he took a photo. The butcher was William Cañas, and beyond a few similar features, he was the exact copy of Jorge.

The matter did not end there. After investigating, both William and Jorge realized that who they believed were their respective twin brothers, Carlos Bernal and Wilber Cañas, were also identical to each other.

Thus, the two young people exchanged phone numbers and coordinated a meeting for the four of them to get to know each other. Once gathered, the conclusion was obvious: They were two pairs of mixed twins.

What caused the error?

The brothers believe the exchange was due to a mix-up at the hospital. William and Jorge were born on December 21, 1988 at the Maternal and Child Hospital in Bogotá.

A day later, Wilber and Carlos were born in the municipality of Vélez, in Santander. Due to medical complications, Both Carlos and his brother were transferred to the Maternal and Child Hospital. to be examined. It is thought that they could have ended up in the same room as Jorge and William.

Jorge believes that one of the bracelets that identified them may have fallen off, leading to it being placed on the wrong baby.

Since they were all discharged on the same day, their paths separated without anyone realizing the mistake. So, William went with Wilber to Santander and Carlos stayed with Jorge in Bogotá.

The story of these four brothers is available on Netflix under the title ‘Brothers by Accident’, the same name of one of the projects led by the quartet, a book that tells their surprising story.

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