Gustavo Ángel remembers his first scene on television: In bed with Kristina Lilley

Gustavo Ángel Acosta was born in Bogotá on July 18, 1968 and was interested in acting from a young age. His first jobs were in well-known commercials, one of them in which he worked with César Escola, who recommended him as an actor for a soap opera.

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Thus came the first opportunity for Gustavo Ángel to debut as an actor in a story for television. It was about blood of wolvesstarring Aura Cristina Geithner and Edmundo Troya, one of the most successful novels in the early 90s and which was directed by Víctor Mallarino.

This was Gustavo Ángel’s first scene on television

“That was the most successful novel in Colombia, that entire cast walked about 10 centimeters above the floor, those people’s egos were blown up and I was scared to death. Furthermore, the first day I had a bed scene, my first scene on television was a bed scene“recalled the actor.

Nerves and lack of experience made Gustavo Ángel receive his first call to attention from the renowned director and actor Víctor Mallarino. “He comes to the set and asks: ‘Why is this guy dressed?’ He had to take off my clothes next to the bed, it was horrible, and I was completely blocked.”

To add more tension to his acting debut, the bed scene was not with just anyone, he said that “It was with Kristina Lilley that, my God, mommy, I adore her. That day, since I was blocked, she told me: ‘Look, calm down, don’t do anything, I’ll do everything’ and, just like that, she did absolutely everything.’ I say that I didn’t act that character, but I trembled.”

Precisely, Víctor Mallarino recalled that in that production, directed by him, Gustavo Ángel “was in bed with Kristina Lilley” because that was what that narrative line of his character was about.”

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