Ilenia cries when facing Juan Pablo on MasterChef

In the new installment of MasterChef Celebrity Colombia, emotions took the lead in more than one participant, since those with black aprons had to carry out their first creative challenge.

First creative challenge in MasterChef Celebrity Colombia

The presenter Claudia Bahamón told the nine celebrities in black aprons that they had to pair up for the challenge, so One of the pairs was the one made up of Juan Pablo Llano and Ilenia Antonini.

So, the two artists got together because they revealed that they had already known each other for years; in fact, Juan Pablo stated that he feels Ilenia as if she were his own daughter.

The above occurred because the actor said that he has known Ilenia’s mother, the actress Morella Zuleta, since she was very young. In fact, he recalled that Morella, he and his wife, Catalina Gómez, shared a lot while Antonini was just a baby.

Therefore, Llano expressed that he feels very happy because life brought him together with Ilenia. However, that happiness was cut short because although they became a couple, the rules of the game ended up being different.

It turns out and happens that the couples ended up being rivalssince the presenter Bahamón reported that they had to compete against each other and only one of them could take off the black apron.

Ilenia Antonino and Juan Pablo Llano went from being colleagues to rivals on MasterChef Celebrity

In fact, Ilenia and Juan Pablo opened the mysterious box, which contained 20 ingredients and they had to distribute 10 for each one; While the model had beef sirloin, the young actress had some beans.

It was then that The tension began to be felt in MasterChef Celebrity, since what at first seemed like a challenge between colleagues, ended up being quite the opposite. As a result, the actress became frustrated because she commented that her separation from Juan Pablo hurt her.

Consequently, Ilenia burst into tears; Although it was true that he had the idea in his mind to prepare his dish, his ideas were affected by the separation from his friend.

Seeing that the young woman was becoming desperate, Claudia Bahamón and chef Adria Marina approached her to calm her down, give her some ideas and encourage her to make her recipe. Thanks to this, the actress took a deep breath and was able to continue.

Finally, Llano and Antonini presented their dishes before the most important kitchen jury in the world, but only one of them managed to take off his black apron and go up to the balcony.

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