Willy Bárcenas apologizes to Laporte and Le Normand after criticizing them for playing in the Spanish team

Sunday, June 23, 2024, 09:30

| Updated 10:09 a.m.


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Sorry is a word that is rarely read on a social network with as much effervescence and bad temper as X, formerly Twitter, usually is. Acknowledging the mistake and offering a public apology requires self-criticism and that is what the musician Willy Bárcenas, leader of the group Taburete, has done after his controversial message about the Spanish team’s center backs Laporte and Le Normand. In fact, he has decided to delete the comment in question to prevent it from continuing to be reproduced.

“Sometimes I don’t realize the impact that a simple comment between friends transferred to Twitter can have and the damage it can cause,” begins the message from Willy Bárcenas, the son of former treasurer Luis Bárcenas, imprisoned for corruption. «I apologize to Laporte and Le Normand for a completely unnecessary tweet. “Everyone row with Spain,” he concluded with the intention of putting peace in the matter. His reflection comes after the former Athletic player and now Al-Nassr player asked in this Saturday’s press conference that he not defame himself, thinking especially of his family.

It all started with Willy Bárcenas’ controversial message last Thursday. «It turns me black that Spain’s centre-backs are French. Le norrrrrmand, Lapoggggte, don’t fuck with me. Despite everything, let’s go to Spain!” read the tweet, which has already been deleted. He raised a dust storm similar to that of the comment made by another user about the presence in La Roja of Nico Williams and Lamine Yamal – born in Pamplona and Catalonia – and which caused the Athletic striker to intervene. Although in this case, the tweeter, far from retracting, added a new dose of racism.

This Saturday Laporte was the player chosen to speak to the media traveling to Germany at a press conference. «It happens to all footballers that we are criticized at one time or another. We have a short career, but at the same time long. You are exposed to many opinions from many people. If you like one or the other more, give your opinion. What we do ask is that it not be defaming,” said the Agen footballer. The central defender reflected on the damage that criticism without a constructive spirit can do: «In the end it costs us, but above all it costs the families, the environment. “They affect a lot.” He also believes that, with the continental championship at stake, it is not the time to divide: «This is not necessary and even more so at a time with the importance of the Euro Cup. “We all have the idea of ​​going on the same path and achieving as much as possible.”

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