More and more full day visitors arrive in Rosario

More and more full day visitors arrive in Rosario
More and more full day visitors arrive in Rosario

In the last decade, the profile of travelers who visit Rosario has changed, where fewer and fewer tourists arrive and more visitors for one day, who also spend half as much as those who arrive for longer periods.. This is shown by a study carried out by the Municipal Bank Foundation, dated May 2024, which analyzed the evolution in the composition of travelers arriving in Rosario from 2012 to 2023. The relationship was reversed in the last 5 years.

The work, carried out with data from the Household Travel and Tourism Survey of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Nation (now converted into a secretariat), shows that Until 2018, a greater number of tourists came to the city, while from 2019 onwards, more visitors arrived during the day.. These are two groups that use different travel modalities, type of accommodation, who have different reasons for coming to the city and who do not spend the same amount.

The total number of travelers who arrived in Rosario decreased since 2013 (when there were 1,000,000) and this decline was accentuated by the shock of the pandemic (300,000 in 2020). After Covid, both groups showed a visible recovery: Since 2021, the arrival of day visitors and tourists shows a sustained expansionpresenting positive interannual variations semester by semester: there were 600,000 in 2021, and 800,000 in 2022.

“In recent years, the way we travel has changed a lot. Both summer tourists and getaway tourism shortened their overnight stays in destinations.. The pandemic accelerated this process, and today trips are organized with less advance notice, reservations are made almost on the spot, and Visitors prefer to take shorter trips and more getaways during the year“said Alejandra Mattheus, Secretary of Tourism and Sports of the municipality.

In that sense, he said that in this post-Covid world The Executive began to work on local tourism to position Rosario as a weekend getaway destination. At the same time, being the most important city in a large region, this facilitates the tourism of those who come to spend the day, called “full day”. “This tourist does not spend the night, but he does spend in the city on gastronomy, shops, cultural and recreational activities.. So we also consider him a visitor to the city, and it seems very important to us to continue betting on both modalities,” he explained.


This growth, however, occurred in different proportions. In 2022, visitors for the day were 535,000 and exceeded the maximum of the series (7% compared to 500,000 in 2013), while tourists (staying in the city at least one night) recorded a notable negative gapfrom almost 500,000 to just over 300,000, being 39% below the maximum recorded in 2013.

Thus, the figures show that The arrival of tourists was barely higher than the arrival of day visitors in the first years of the series, while since 2019 the relationship has been reversed.. However, those who come for the day show greater volatility, with more pronounced annual declines and expansions.

When separating the arrival of visitors by semester, different behaviors are observed depending on the type of traveler. The arrival of visitors during the day is more constant throughout the yearaveraging around 185 thousand visitors per semester between 2012 and 2023. Instead, The arrival of tourists is more seasonal, being noticeably higher in the second part of the yearwith an average difference of 32 thousand tourists, the report indicated.

“We understand that usages and customs are changingso instead of thinking about going back to what it was like 10 years ago, we aim to understand what tourist behavior is like today. Obviously they are influenced by a large number of variables, including economic. From that, we seek to enhance and promote Rosario as a destination so that visitors continue to come to our city,” said Mattheus.

Therefore, in addition to working on the weekend getaway line, with the arrival of the winter holidays we seek to promote “the great offer that Rosario has in terms of activities for children and the family, but also what is tourism for meetings, fairs, congresses, conventions and sporting events that allow us to promote tourism during the week“Mattheus stressed.


Visiting family and friends and leisure are the main reasons that drive people who come to Rosario. In the middle of the analyzed period, these reasons explained at least 70% of daytime visits and 89% of tourist arrivals. When independently analyzing visits for one day, it is noted that they are preferably for leisure, while tourists (stay more than one day) prioritize visiting family and friends (67%).

In both types of travelers, a decrease is observed in the participation of visitors who arrive for work and business starting in 2020.. It is likely that for various reasons (reduction in travel times and costs) virtual meetings have replaced many of the previously in-person business meetings.

Among day visitors, the increase in participation of those who come to the city for shopping or medical care stands out.. Travel for health reasons grew visibly since the pandemic, going from representing 6% in the period 2012-2018 to an average of 15% since 2020.

The home of family and friends was the accommodation most used by tourists in most years of the period analyzed, with a participation that ranged between 44% and 74%, and an average of 68%. The peaks occurred during 2020 (hotels remained closed for several months due to the pandemic) and in the first half of 2023. Only in 2022 did the homes of family and friends have a participation of less than 50%, which is explained by the rebound in local hospitality and the use of second homes by their owners.

The means of transportation most used by travelers is their own car.. The inclination of day visitors to drive their own car is constant throughout the analyzed period, exceeding 80% in most years. On the other hand, tourists show a decrease in the use of private vehicles until 2017 at the same time that the participation of buses grew, beginning to recover ground in the following years with a notable boost from the pandemic. The bus has decreased in its participation among tourists in the last three years.


To the Considering the purchasing power of travelers, it is highlighted that the majority belong to the 40% of the highest-income population.. In the period analyzed, approximately 65 out of every 100 travelers, on average, were part of income quintiles 4 and 5.

The participation of the segments with greater purchasing power would seem more stable among those who visit the city for a day. Among tourists, a greater fluctuation is observed in this segment, highlighting the reduction of the highest income quintile in the first half of 2023, which is in line with the decrease observed in travelers staying in 4 and 5 star hotels, according to the Hotel Occupancy Survey of the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (Indec).

Regarding the economic impact of each type of traveler in Rosario, On average, the daily spending of tourists is double that of visitors per day.. If the tourists’ stay days are also taken into account, their total expenditure in the city is even greater than that of visitors for the day. In the first half of 2023, the total expenditure made by tourists who came to the city was $4,055 million and that of day visitors was $662 million.

In second place, The spending made by visitors for the day shows a slight decrease over time, while that made by tourists seems to expandalthough with more marked oscillations, which are surely due to variations in the purchasing power of income, among other reasons.

Meetings and sporting events

One of the aspects that Alejandra Mattheus, Secretary of Tourism and Sports of the municipality, highlighted is the work in synergy of both the public sector and the private sector, as well as the Municipality with the government of the province of Santa Fe. “It is something that we want to value, because we have longed for it in recent years and today it is happening with the provincial Tourism Secretariat,” he said regarding the last issue.

In this regard, he commented that, In addition to working on the promotion of Rosario as a weekend getaway destination, the venue for large events is also being explored.. “We have just arrived from Panama, where we participated in the Fiexpo fair, which is the most important meeting tourism fair in Latin America. There we generated a large number of meetings with different organizers and we are working on the specific possibility of bringing to the city of Rosario and the province of Santa Fe, different events for the coming years,” he said.

While, The city is still aiming to apply for sporting events. “This year the Davis Cup was played; Argentina hosted Kazakhstan, something unprecedented because it is the first time that Rosario hosts a series. We had the volleyball friendly between the Argentine team and Serbia, with two nights in a covered stadium of Newell’s Old Boys full of people, both from Rosario and visitors. And we had the Create games,” he listed.

“We believe that is the way. That Rosario is the venue for different local, regional, national, international events, fairs, congresses, conventions and sporting events. We have to continue there, and above all things working in this strong synergy with the private sector and with the province,” Mattheus concluded.

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