More increases are coming in July: electricity, gas, gasoline and prepaid

Just over a week before it starts Julythe authorities are defining the modalities of adjustmentof public services, among others, will suffer increases. They are also coming increases in the price of gasolineamong other novelties that will impact the pockets of users and consumers.

Although they are the ones that affect a greater proportion of people, increases in gas and electricity are still not resolved. The Ministry of Economy had prepared a polynomial formula that included consumer and wholesale price indices, among others, to ensure that the respective providers did not lose profitability and the services were thus guaranteed.

However, the difficulties for consumers (who in the case of employees suffered an evident loss of purchasing power, as merchants also gave up sales), such as the convenience of contributing to the process of lowering inflation, made this system automatic update has not yet seen the light.

For now, the Treasury Palace’s intention is to seek some type of adjustment that is based on future inflation expectations. That would make the final ballots have a total adjustment of between 3 and 5 percent. The fine numbers, however, were still not worked out.

As for the fuelsstarting Monday, July 1 The tax on liquid fuels (ICL) and carbon dioxide (IDC) will increase again, according to the provisions of decree 466/2024. To this will be added the margin that oil companies usually add and which is related to the monthly update pattern of the dollar, so it is estimated that the price at the pumps will rise between 3 and 4 percent.

For their part, companies prepaid medicine They are already informing their clients of increases of between 4 and 9 percent. After a negotiation with the Government, the companies were free to freely set their quotas.

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