“He complains too much after races”

“He complains too much after races”
“He complains too much after races”

Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc They are not having the most pleasant season this 2024. Since in the Chinese Grand Prix the Monegasque threw the Spaniard off the court, the tension between the two is more than evident, and in the Spanish Grand Prix We have lived a new chapter.

Barely three laps had passed when Carlos Sainz went on the attack against his teammate, who was riding right in front of the Spaniard. He darted around the outside of the first turn, but even though he was clearly ahead, Leclerc did not give in and accelerated the braking, touching the back of Carlos’s car.

To avoid the accident, the Spaniard had to go off the track, something Leclerc complained about on the radio. “He overtook me by skipping the curve”he said angrily.

Leclerc does not understand “the point of doing that”

But their protests did not stop there. At the end of the race, the Monegasque assured that Sainz had been too aggressive. “It’s a little unnecessarybut I also understand that it’s his home race and it’s an important moment in his career, so I guess he wanted to do something a little spectacular, but Maybe I wasn’t the right person to do it.“Leclerc said.

“It was a bit of a shame because we lost time with each other. I damaged my front wing because Carlos made the turn and he didn’t see that I was inside, and that complicated the race for us,” said the Monegasque.

“Leclerc complains too much”

It is not usual for Carlos Sainz to enter into discussions after races, but this time, knowing that his future is far from Ferrari, he did not want to ignore his teammate’s words.

I think he complains too many times after the race.. He needed to attack, he was trying to do what every pilot should do. “I can’t stay behind all my life,” said Carlos Sainz forcefully in statements to ‘Sky Sports’.

Despite the tension, Carlos Sainz helped Charles Leclerc by giving him fifth position in the final stretch of the race at the request of Ferrari.

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