A family sued NASA for US$80,000 due to an unusual accident

A family sued NASA for US$80,000 due to an unusual accident
A family sued NASA for US$80,000 due to an unusual accident


Here’s the piece of space junk.

Mica Nguyen Worthy, the family’s lawyer, said: “Orbital junk is a serious and worrying issue due to the increase in space traffic in recent times. My clients are seeking appropriate compensation for the stress and impact this event had on their lives.“.

Responsibility and regulation in space for NASA

In April, NASA published on its blog that the object recovered from the Otero house was involved in an operation carried out in March 2021 aboard the International Space Station. It is believed to be a 1.6-pound metal alloy bracket, part of the “NASA flight support team“.

The agency reaffirmed its commitment to operating responsibly in low orbit and mitigating risks to protect people on Earth. However, This incident raises questions about legal liability in cases of damage caused by space debris. on US territory.

According to space law experts, the legislation is less clear when material belonging to NASA lands on US soil, making it a domestic legal matter.

This case could set an important precedent for future similar incidents.

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