Biden and Trump meet for a historic debate, which will be full of personal attacks

Biden and Trump meet for a historic debate, which will be full of personal attacks
Biden and Trump meet for a historic debate, which will be full of personal attacks

Ana Milena Varón

Los Angeles, June 24 (EFE).- President Joe Biden and his rival, former president Donald Trump (2017-2021), are finalizing details to address the first presidential debate this Thursday, considered the most momentous in decades and with the capacity to reshape the race for the White House, since it occurs before the official start of the campaigns and everything indicates that it will focus on personal attacks.

The debate organized by CNN on June 27 in Atlanta will mark the third time that Biden and Trump have met to debate. But this time the two meet before being nominated as official candidates at the national conventions of their respective parties and represents a change from the tradition of previous years.

Different ways

The US president traveled to Camp David on Friday, where he is meeting with his advisors, while the former Republican president spent the weekend speaking to his supporters at rallies in Washington and Philadelphia, where he created expectations about who his new vice presidential candidate will be. by saying that he has already decided who he will be, but he will not reveal it.

Trump asked his audience this weekend in Philadelphia if he should be “tough and nasty” in the debate and asked them to choose the insult they like best: ‘Corrupt Joe’ or Sleepy Joe’, while refocusing in criticizing his rival for the increase in immigration and crime, something he will repeat in the face to face.

The Republican also mocked Biden, 81, again, something he is expected to replicate in the debate. “Joe has gone to a log cabin to study and prepare and is now sleeping. They will give you an injection before (the debate),” he told the enraged audience.

However, the 78-year-old Republican took the Democratic president’s debating abilities more seriously in an interview on the All-In podcast, in which he indicated that Biden should not be “underestimated.”

On the other hand, the Biden campaign has remained tight-lipped about the details of how it is preparing, but information from CBS revealed that Bob Bauer, the president’s personal lawyer, is playing the role of Donald Trump in the mock debates.

The president intends to hit Trump by reminding him that he is a “convicted felon”, a “deranged man” and “the architect” of the end of federal protections for the right to abortion.

Biden’s team is also ready to simultaneously deny the incorrect data that the former Republican president uses in the debate.

And both campaigns know that part of the success of their candidate’s presentation will be the viral moments on social networks, regardless of whether the data offered or the accusations are based, leaving behind the proposals on important issues.

Last details

This week Trump hopes to continue meetings at his Mar-a-Lago property in Florida with advisors and allies to review key and recurring points in his attacks against Biden such as foreign policy and inflation. He will surely make immigration his main issue and will again use the recent murder and rape cases in which immigrants have been accused.

He has also been studying how to address the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021, which Biden has called an attack on American democracy, The Hill newspaper reported.

“He’s thinking about how to translate these really important issues into a message that works,” Senator JD Vance, who is part of the list of possible vice presidential candidates, told Fox News.

The White House reported that Biden will depart from Camp David on Thursday for Atlanta and will be accompanied by the first lady, Jill Biden. On Friday the presidential couple will travel to North Carolina for a campaign event in Raleigh.

While former President Trump plans to hold a rally on a Virginia farm a day after the debate in which he will be accompanied by the governor of that state, Republican Glenn Youngkin. EFE


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