FIFA President showers Messi with praise

FIFA President showers Messi with praise
FIFA President showers Messi with praise

Lionel Messi is celebrating his birthday. The Argentine figure celebrates 37 years of existence. It is not clear if they will be able to celebrate it in full, considering that the Albiceleste will face Chile tomorrow, for the Copa América, but that does not prevent the anniversary from being commented on throughout the world nor from all sectors of the planet from showering greetings to the current star of Inter Miami, who is considered one of the best soccer players in history.

In fact, the congratulations are led by the highest authority in world football: Gianni Infantino. The FIFA president does not skimp on praise when referring to the star, who this Tuesday will lead the offensive of Lionel Scaloni’s team against Ricardo Gareca’s squad, a key duel for the aspirations of both squads to advance to the round. The trans-Andeans, however, arrive calmer: they beat Canada in their debut. Chile, on the other hand, obtained a pale draw against Peru.

Infantino makes a complete assessment of Messi. “I want to wish a very happy birthday to @Leo Messicaptain of the FIFA World Cup winning team and an incredible player“, he writes, in a post that is accompanied by an image that shows them both posing with the highest football trophy on a global level and another from the moment prior to the official delivery of the testimony of the glory achieved by the team led by Messi and directed by Lionel Scaloni in Qatar.

Infantino even adopts an Argentinianism to continue showering La Pulga with recognition, who due to talent and individual and collective achievements is firmly on the list of the best exponents of this sport in its entire history. “You are someone who makes the world dream with your greatness. Always keep doing it and inspiring everyone to play and enjoy our beautiful sport“, continues the Swiss, precisely along those lines.

The intervention closes with a message that shows the closeness between the two. “Enjoy this special day and see you soon”, proposes the highest authority of the most popular sport in the world, in a more informal plan that, on the other hand, also accounts for the stature that Messi has achieved in football.

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