Space object crossed Florida house now they want US$80,000 NASA | Stories | United States | nnda | nnrt | STORIES

Space object crossed Florida house now they want US$80,000 NASA | Stories | United States | nnda | nnrt | STORIES
Space object crossed Florida house now they want US$80,000 NASA | Stories | United States | nnda | nnrt | STORIES

Imagine being calmly at home enjoying a movie or preparing dinner when suddenly a piece of space debris passes through your home. This scene that seems straight out of a movie happened to a Venezuelan family in Naples, Florida, in March. Their case went viral and it is now known that they have decided to take legal action against the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for material and psychological damages. They expect to receive nothing more and nothing less than US$80,000 from the United States institution. Here are the details, but first I leave you two stories that are trending: The epic response of an Argentine journalist to a Mexican who interrupted his broadcast and He kept a stone thinking it was gold, but it turned out to be a space object millions of years old.

After the moments of panic they experienced after being miraculously saved after a mysterious cylindrical piece destroyed part of the ceiling and floor of their home, Alejandro Otero, owner of the house, is not willing to sit idly by. On that occasion he was on vacation, but his son got the big scare.

“I was shaking. He was in complete disbelief. What are the chances of something falling into my house with that much force and causing that much damage? “I’m very grateful that no one was hurt,” said about the metal object that weighed 0.7 kilograms and measured 10 centimeters high and approximately 4 centimeters wide that was later transferred to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to be analyzed at one of NASA’s most important bases.

Family expects millionaire compensation from NASA

It was eventually learned that the object was a metal bracket used to mount old batteries on a loading dock for disposal. Although it was discarded in 2021, it was expected that it would not survive contact with the Earth’s atmosphere and would disintegrate, but they were wrong and it ended up in this house in Naples, Florida. After this, the family hired a law firm to begin the process.

“On May 22, 2024, (attorney) Mica Nguyen Worthy filed a claim with NASA to recover damages suffered by her clients as a result of a space debris incident involving the owner, Alejandro Otero, and his family”, says the statement released on Friday.

VIRAL STORY | The space object was analyzed by NASA. (Photo: @KVUETV / YouTube)

In May, Otero told Univision Noticias that the object went through his two-story house and caused serious damage to his home that was covered by his insurance company. However, the family is seeking other types of compensation from NASA. “My clients are seeking appropriate compensation that takes into account the stress and impact this incident had on their lives,” added the lawyer.

According to the lawsuit, NASA has six months to respond to her claim. The agency has not commented on the matter at the moment, but in dialogue with Ars Technica, the lawyer specified that the amount they are requesting for the sum of damages is 80 thousand dollars. Additionally, she added that this is the first lawsuit against NASA for an event involving space debris.

The space object that crossed the house in Naples


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