Santiago Metro will have partial service on Line 6 all this day

Santiago Metro will have partial service on Line 6 all this day
Santiago Metro will have partial service on Line 6 all this day

Santiago Metro reported that Service on Line 6 will be interrupted at the Bío Bío station due to water drainage works on the roads.

Specifically, the station will remain closed throughout the day, so the Line L6 service will be available from Cerrillos to Franklin and from Ñuble to Los Leones.

“Despite the intense drainage work, the unusual flow of water continues so our engineering teams are working with Senapred and Firefighters to detect the water outbreak,” the company indicated.

“We regret the inconvenience and will continue to report on the status of the network,” they said.

In addition, there will be Metro support buses that will operate on a route parallel to Line 6 in a loop between Pedro Aguirre Cerda and Ñuble. Besides, Services 113, 115, 125, H07, H04, i01 will be reinforced.

It is worth remembering that this Sunday Metro also kept service suspended at the Bío Bío station, as a result of the accumulation of water that it had tried to correct – without success – at night, after the passage of the last frontal system through the central area.


Due to the national strike of EFE workers, Red Movilidad will enable 56 buses that will carry out round-trip services, combining departures from the service station with the Santiago Metro.

Besides, 22 services will be reinforcedamong them routes 211, 217, 201, 271, G07, G08, G23, G43.

Metro will increase Line 2 by 30 trains and 44 on Line 1 during their AM and PM peak times. In addition, the express route on L2 will be eliminated and there will be an increase in frequency at the Cal y Canto Station.

The metropolitan transport seremi, Rodrigo Balladaresexplained that “people who come to the train stations, there is a bus that will take them to a Metro station. For example, in the case of Nos, it comes directly from Nos to the El Pino metro. And therefore, These services are available for users to use.. “That will be from 6:30 in the morning until 10 at night.”

While the president of EFE, Eric Martinexpressed that “we must also understand the state of mind of the train drivers when these accidents happen, because Indeed it moves us all, imagine who they are doing those traffics every day. So, the opinion of the train drivers, of course, is very important, they are the ones on the track.”

“But this also responds to an entire system where there are also officials, traffic workers, there is an entire support system. So, effectively, It is part of the conversations that we will have to continue having“he added.

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