Who is Daeron Targaryen, unknown son of Alicent who does not appear in ‘The House of the Dragon’?

Who is Daeron Targaryen, unknown son of Alicent who does not appear in ‘The House of the Dragon’?
Who is Daeron Targaryen, unknown son of Alicent who does not appear in ‘The House of the Dragon’?

On June 16, the second season of “The House of the Dragon” and this Sunday the second chapter of the series premiered without a doubt it showed that the “Dance of Dragons” is getting closer.

But that is not all, since in the second chapter mention was made of Daeron Targaryen, a fourth son of Alicent by King Viserys Targaryen, which until now has not been present in the series.

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When is Daeron Targaryen mentioned in The House of the Dragon?

Many viewers have been surprised by the mention of Daeron Tragaryen, although readers of “Fire and Blood” by George RR Martin They already knew this character.

The series so far featured Aegon, Aemond and Helaena Targaryen as the children of Alicent, but Daeron had not been mentioned until now.

In the series, his introduction was through a conversation between Otto Hightower, Hand of the King, and his daughter Alicent, although still It has not been revealed which actor will play him or when he will appear on screen.

Daeron’s absence in the first episodes was not a deliberate omission. According to showrunner Ryan Condal, Daeron was in Antiguabeing protected since childhood.

This location coincides with the writings of George RR Martin, where Daeron was sent at age 12 to Oldtown to serve as cupbearer and squire to Lord Hightower, nephew of Otto Hightower.

Who is Daeron Targaryen?

Alicent’s fourth son is known as “The Bold One”, Daeron Targaryen was born around the same time as Prince Jacaerys, son of Rhaenyra, with whom he shared a nurse. Unlike his brothers, Daeron always had a calmer character.

Like all Targaryens, Daeron He had a bond with the dragon. Although Daeron will not appear in the second season of “The House of the Dragon”, since his casting has not been done, there are indications that he could have a significant role in the third season.

Ryan Condal has confirmed that Daeron is an important character in history, and his presence in Antigua suggests that its introduction could be tied to future events crucial to the series’ narrative.

“House of the Dragon” fans can expect the introduction of Daeron brings new conflicts to the already complicated Targaryen plot. Her relationship with Tessarion, her character, and her position within the royal family could be key elements in the story’s upcoming developments.


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