controversy over the LGTBI Pride poster in Madrid

controversy over the LGTBI Pride poster in Madrid
controversy over the LGTBI Pride poster in Madrid

LGTBI Pride is one of the great festivals of the year in Madrid. However, just a few days before the celebration begins, the promotional poster has served to unleash political controversy. More Madrid and PSOE They have criticized its design, in which images of heels, condoms, cups, confetti or teddy bears appear, as “disrespectful”; while the City Council, through the mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, defends it and criticizes that the left seeks to “create a chicken” every time this appointment arrives.

The spokesperson for Más Madrid, Rita Maestrehas demanded the removal of the “ugly, shabby and disrespectful” sign and that the mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, “ask for forgiveness.” In a press conference, the opposition leader stressed that Pride “is the biggest party, demonstration and demand in Madrid, but it has neither the enthusiasm nor the respect of the PP.” Additionally, she has demanded that the councilor remove what she considers an “unfunny caricature” of Pride.

The socialists have expressed themselves along the same lines. The PSOE spokesperson in the City Council and former Minister of Industry, Reyes Maroto, has described the poster as “Institutional LGTBIphobia“, because she considers that it “stigmatizes a group.” The councilor has already sent a letter to the delegate of the social area, José Fernández, in which she requests the urgent convening of the Municipal Observatory against LGTBIphobia.

“They want to take advantage of it”

The mayor of Madrid, after hearing the criticism from the socialists and Más Madrid, has come forward and made the reproach ugly to them. “Every time Pride comes, the left has to ride a chicken“said the mayor, who has gone deeper into his explanation.

Controversial Pride poster: drinks, condoms and heels

“There is an intention to take advantage of certain political parties every time Pride comes. It has been celebrated with me as mayor for 5 years and that is how it will continue to be. I am not even with those who want to send it to the Cottage, nor with those who patrimonialize Pride as something uniquely theirs and ideologically tinged. I agree that it is one of the hallmarks of Madrid,” Almeida stressed. “Every year Pride is more powerful. It is one thing to have disagreements about the poster, but to say that it is LGTBIphobia, that is to trivialize hate crimes,” highlighted the first mayor, who insisted that it is “a campaign agreed upon with the merchants of Chueca.”

Likewise, the spokesperson for the Popular Group in Cibeles, Carlos Izquierdo, has accused Más Madrid and PSOE of “wanting to politicize everything”, to affirm that the institutional Pride poster, with high heels, condoms and teddy bears, “is also vindictive.” The controversy occurs a few days before the event. The entities that coordinate the MADO (Madrid Pride) have already announced that this year the festivities will begin on Friday, June 28, and will last until Sunday, July 7.

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