Holidays 2024: When will the next long weekend occur?

Holidays 2024: When will the next long weekend occur?
Holidays 2024: When will the next long weekend occur?

June 24 2024 – 10:00 hrs.

There is one week left until the month of June ends and, with that, we fully enter the seventh month of the year.

Although there is less and less left to reach 2025, there is still cloth to cut and to know how many long weekends are left ahead.

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Thus, it is worth asking how many long weekends we will have in 2024, a fact that can be transcendental to see how we plan those days that are accompanied by a holiday, in order to extend a stay at the beach, for example.

In any case, there is bad news: the closest holiday will fall on Saturday, so many workers will not be able to have an extra day off. And the one that follows will fall on Tuesday, and will not necessarily be a long weekend, except for those who can make it interfered with.

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When will we have the next long weekend?

Thus, and strictly speaking, the next long weekend that the calendar indicates will be September 20, which is exceptional and will allow the celebrations of the National Holidays to be extended.

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All holidays remaining in 2024

Next, Check the complete list of holidays remaining this year:

  • Saturday June 29: Saint Peter and Saint Paul
  • Tuesday, July 16: Day of the Virgin of Carmen
  • Thursday, August 15: Assumption of the Virgin
  • Wednesday, September 18: First National Government Board (inalienable)
  • Thursday, September 19: Day of the Glories of the Army (inalienable)
  • Friday, September 20 (additional holiday by law)
  • Saturday, October 12: Meeting of Two Worlds
  • Sunday, October 27: Municipal elections (unavoidable)
  • Thursday, October 31: Day of the Evangelical and Protestant Churches
  • Friday, November 1: All Saints’ Day
  • Sunday, December 8: Immaculate Conception
  • Wednesday, December 25: Christmas (unmissable)


As can be seen in the list, in the coming months there will be only two weekends long, although with the possibility of adding some thanks to the interfered.

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